Faculty Automated Contract System (FACS)


Welcome to the Faculty Automated Contract System (FACS) Information Page

The Faculty Automated Contract System (FACS) is used to process contracts for Adjunct, Offload, and Per Student assignments.

Pay Scale for Adjunct and Offload Teaching Contracts

Pay Scale for Per Student Compensation Forms

Summer Pay Scale

Minimester Pay Scale

There are two primary roles used in the system:

1. Initiators - Department staff who enter contracts into FACS.

  • Before entering contracts, please make sure the appointee has completed an Early Provisioning Form and has an EMPL ID and a Towson University email address.

             Initiating payroll for new adjunct faculty

  • When prompted for the contract type on the data entry page, please be sure to select the correct type. 

1.  State Funded Contracts use a Funding Department that begins with "1"

2.  Department Funded Contracts use a Funding Department that begins

     with "3"or "5".

  List of Course Section Numbers - Sections shaded in blue are department-funded

3.  Internships use the Per Student Department Funded Contract. Funding Dept is 35010.

            Course load Limitations

             Teaching and receiving payment for minimester instruction

             Teaching and receiving payment for summer term instruction

  • Approvers - Appointee, Department Chair, Dean, PBO, Human Resources, and Payroll

     Appointees, chairs and deans will receive an auto generated email notification from PeopleSoft HCM when a FACS contract is pending approval.

Download the FACS Users Guide

View the Initiators Tutorial

View the Queries Tutorial

View the Approvers Tutorial

Get the FACS by Becky Mundschenk, Wim Bosma, and Cindy Lyons presented at the 2013 Alliance Convention in Indianapolis, IN.


If you need to add/delete users or experience problems with FACS, please complete the following form:

Issue Request Form

A member of the Provost Budget Office will respond.