Class, Studio & Lab Fees

Information about class, studio and lab fees is provided by the Provost's Budget Office.

New and Revised Fees

Departments may submit applications for new class/studio/lab fees and/or request revisions to existing class/studio/lab fees using the guidelines and proposal forms provided below. All applications must be submitted via the DocuSign form below. Other formats will not be reviewed.

Class/studio/lab fee proposals are reviewed by RPAC, and if approved, go into effect the following fiscal year. The submission deadline for new class/studio/lab fee proposals for next fiscal year is January 5, 2024. Proposals submitted after this date will not be reviewed.

New fees and revision of fees to any course will be accepted this year. Any approved new class / lab fee will be instituted no earlier than for fall 2024 semester.

Requirements for Fees

Any classes approved to charge enrolled students a new class / lab fee must list that fee and how it is being used on the course syllabus. This is achieved by providing the link on the syllabus along with a description of the items for which fees are potentially used. 

An example of a syllabus statement that includes the requred information is: A course fee of $50 is charged in this course. This fee pays for distillation kits, replacement of broken glassware, sample vials and chemicals, and lab consumables.

A copy of the syllabi must accompany the submitted proposal.

Any department approved to charge students a class, studio & lab fee must submit a semester accounting of how the class/lab fee monies are spent. Please see below the schedule to be followed. RPAC will review the submissions on a semester by semester basis and an annual review of each department's class fee budget balances after the close of the fiscal year.

* Each department keeps track by class number (e.g., KNES 246) expenditures used with class fees collected.

* This information is collected on a semester basis (i.e., Fall and Spring)

  • Fall's report is due to PBO by January 20th ()
  • Spring's report is due to PBO by May 26th ()
  • Reports will be given to the RPAC subcommittee for their review
  • All class fee expenditures should be completed by April 1st
  • In July, following the fiscal year close, PBO will provide the RPAC subcommittee a fiscal year ending report showing budget balances for each department class fee account.

Please contact the PBO directly for elimination or reduction of existing class / lab fees.


Proposals and supporting materials will only be accepted in electronic form (as a single pdf file) submitted by e-mail as specified on the class / studio / lab fee proposal form.

If you have any questions please contact Ms. Joyce Garczynski at or 410-704-5168.