How To Documents

Use our How To documents to learn more about the following activities:

Reconciliation Documentation:

Search and Hire Process for Faculty and Librarians:

Search for Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty, Clinical, Visiting, Lecturer and Librarian

 1. Visit the Office of Inclusion & Institutional Equity website for relevant information.

2. Complete Faculty/Librarian Search Request form.

3. Prepare and attach a copy of the job advertisement.

4. Obtain Chair and Dean signatures on form.

5. Submit Faculty/Librarian Search Request form to: Provost's Budget Office, Administration Building, AD 311B

6. The Office of Inclusion & Institutional Equity will mail you a copy of the signed search request paperwork, the ad and additional information regarding interview and hiring processes.

7. The Provost's Budget Office will send you an email letting you know when the ad will be posted to the Towson University, HERC, Inside Higher Ed and Recruit Disability websites. If the ad is for a tenured/tenure-track position, you will also be notified when the ad will be posted in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Only tenured/tenure-track positions are posted in the Chronicle.

8. Once you've made your candidate selection complete an Interview Approval Pool form and submit to the Office of the Provost for approval and processing. 

Pay for Search Advertisements

1. Ads placed in local newspapers, professional journals and individualized ads in the Chronicle are the responsibility of the department.

2. The Office of the Provost will reimburse the department up to a combined maximum of $500 per search for advertising expenses incurred by the department.

3. To request reimbursement from the Office of the Provost, submit a journal entry to: Financial Services, Administration Building, 4th Floor.

4. Visit the Financial Services site for instructions on the journal entry upload process.

Hire Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty

1. Review the Faculty Position Search Guidelines

2. Complete a Candidate Overnight Lodging form (if applicable)

3. Complete a Meal Ticket Request form (if applicable)

4. Upon completion of candidates travel for interview, he/she completes a Candidate Reimbursement form and the W9 form and submits both forms along with any and all receipts to the department for approval and signature. The department will forward to the Provost's Budget Office for approval and processing. The candidate will obtain these forms along with their overnight lodging email confirmation from the Provost's Budget Office prior to their trip.

5. Reimbursement instructions for candidate meals are as follows:

- Off-Campus Meals: Faculty submits a Travel Expense Voucher through Tiger Travel (PeopleSoft) requesting reimbursement for per diem amounts including copies of receipts using budget code #16810.

6. Newly appointed faculty complete a Miscellaneous Expense Voucher for moving expense reimbursement and submits the form, receipts and map showing distance from home to Towson University to the Provost's Budget Office, Administration Building, AD 311B.

7. Department completes a Faculty Appointment Request form and submits form to: Provost's Budget Office, Administration Building, AD 311B.

Hire Lecturers, Clinical, Visiting and Librarians

1. Department completes Faculty/Librarian Search Request form (Please see "Forms" list from PBO website/Faculty Searches & Appointment forms) and submits it to the Provost's Budget Office to begin the search process.

2. Advertise! (The academic department may post positions in any source using department funds. The Provost's Budget Office will not reimburse these funds).

3. Department completes an Faculty Appointment Request Form (Please see "Forms" list from PBO website/Faculty Searches & Appointment forms) and submits to: Provost's Budget Office, Administration Building, AD 311B. 

How to Request a Reimbursement for Moving Expenses (Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty ONLY)

1. Candidate completes a Miscellaneous Expense Voucher for moving expense reimbursement. Be sure to attach original receipts for expenses paid.

2. If requesting mileage reimbursement, please be sure to include a map printout showing the distance from origination point to the University.

Reimbursement Scale:

- 100-1,000 miles = $1,000 maximum

- 1,001-2,000 miles = $2,000 maximum

- 2,001-3,000 miles = $3,000 maximum

3. If the department has offered additional compensation for moving expenses, please include a copy of the offer letter.

4. Reimburseable Expenses:

- Reasonable cost of moving company to transport furniture and household items

- Truck rental for moving

- Gas OR mileage to Towson, including parking fees and tolls

- Packing materials and boxes

- Lodging en route to Towson University

5. Ineligible Expenses:

- Airfare for house hunting trips

- Hotel stays for house hunting trips

- Meals during house hunting trips

- Meals en route to Towson University

6. Send completed documents to: Provost's Budget Office, Administration Building, 304, 8000 York Road, Towson, MD 21252.