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Faculty Search and Hire Procedures

When the need arises in the department to hire a faculty/lecturer/clinical/visiting or Librarian, a search request and approval is required. The following steps will guide you through the entire process.

Search Request

  1. Schedule a Faculty Search Training session through the Office of Inclusion & Institutional Equity andOffice of the Provost. Please contact Dr. Patricia Bradley and/or Ms. LaVern Chapman to schedule your training. (Required)
  2. Create a Job Announcement in preparation for completing a Faculty Search Request. Please click here for the approved ad templates.
  3. Complete a Faculty Outreach Hiring Form located in the Forms Repository. Scroll down to FACULTY HIRING FORMS and click on “faculty-hiring-outreach-plan.docx. This form will need to be completed and attached to the Faculty Search Request form you will be submitting to the Provost’s Budget Office.
  4. Begin the search approval process by completing the DocuSign Search Request Forms. Please scroll down to “Faculty Search Request DocuSign Forms” and select the appropriate form based on your rank (Chair or Administrative Assistant). Complete this form and please be prepared to attach the Job Announcement from #2 above and Faculty Outreach Hiring Form from #3 above.

Search Ad and Taleo

  1. The ad will not be posted on any website prior to the search request being approved. If this search is for a Lecturer, Visiting or Clinical faculty, once the search request is approved and you receive the approved DocuSign paperwork back via email with the search number, the ad will be posted by PBO to the various websites (listed below in “3”). If the search is for a Tenured/Tenure-Track faculty or Librarian, you MUST post the ad in Taleo and it must be approved and marked “Posted” in Taleo prior to PBO posting the ad to the various websites for your department. The ad that is approved must be the ad that is placed in Taleo.
  2. Please click here for the Faculty Hiring Taleo User Guide. For additional questions and/or Taleo training, please contact Millie McMillan via email or 410.704-6021.
  3. Lecturer, Visiting and Clinical ads will not be posted in the Chronicle. All ads; however, are posted to the following websites;,, and
  4. PBO will reimburse your department for a maximum of $500 per search for advertising expenses for Tenured/Tenure-track and Librarian positions. To request reimbursement, submit a journal entry to the PeopleSoft Financials team. Please refer to the "Journals" section of the Stratus training page for assistance or you can contact the Stratus Financials Team at as of 7/11/2022.

Interview Pool

  1. An “Interview Pool” form needs to be completed for the Office of the Provost and the Office of Inclusion and Institutional Equity (OIIE) to approve.
  2. The “Interview Pool” form for Lecturers and Clinical Faculty is located in the Forms Repository. Please scroll down to FACULTY HIRING FORMS and click on clinicalfacultyandlecturersearchinterviewpoolapprovalform.pdf. This form and the supporting documents must be completed and sent to the Vice Provost in the Office of the Provost. After receiving approval, you will forward the material to the OIIE who will then notify the Search Committee Chair when they may schedule candidates’ interviews.
  3. The “Interview Pool form for Tenured/Tenure-Track faculty, Visiting Faculty and Librarians are submitted through Taleo. Please see the FACULTY HIRING TALEO USER GUIDE FOR INTERVIEW POOL REVIEW/APPROVAL for instructions.
  4. After obtaining approval from the Vice Provost and the OIIE, you will contact the candidates and make arrangements for their visit to campus if applicable.

Candidate Interview/Visit to Campus

  1. Overnight Lodging – Towson University is contracted with the Sheraton Baltimore North and the Courtyard by Marriott Hunt Valley to house overnight guests with direct bill privileges. A FACULTY SEARCH-CANDIDATE OVERNIGHT LODGING form is required if candidate is staying overnight. Please click here for the form and instructions on how to contact the hotels directly. Be sure to include the confirmation number you receive from the hotel on the form prior to forwarding it to PBO. An account number IS required to book a direct bill reservation at the Sheraton. The account number is #16810. Please also make the candidate aware that they will be required to supply a credit card to the hotel for incidental charges upon their arrival. Once the form is completed, please email this form to Wendy Rohrbaugh, . Wendy will send out a confirmation email to the candidate with important information regarding their upcoming reservation, transportation to and from the airport and reimbursement information.   
  2. Meal Ticket Request – Meal tickets are available through the PBO for on campus dining. You are allowed 3 meal tickets, per candidate, per search. To request meal tickets, please complete the FACULTY SEARCH – REQUEST FOR MEAL TICKETS form found here and submit via email to Wendy Rohrbaugh, . Wendy will contact you via email when your tickets are ready to be picked up. If you need additional meal tickets, you can contact dining services (x4-2302). Additional meal tickets should be charged to your department’s budget code.
  3. Candidate Reimbursement Form – Once the candidate has returned home from their visit to TU, the department will send the candidate a Candidate Reimbursement form via DocuSign. “Initiator” is the person completing the form. “Candidate” is the person who interviewed for the position and the “Dept Chair/Search Chair” is the person who will be signing for the department (not for the funding, just signing off that the candidate came to campus for the interview). Click “Begin Signing” and complete ALL blocks highlighted in Red. Click “Finish”. This automatically moves the form to the Candidate. The candidate will complete the form, including a W-9 which is attached to the Reimbursement Form, attach all receipts, and include a map showing miles to/from, if requesting mileage reimbursement. Receipts for all meals are required (itemized and credit card receipt are required). Maximum meal reimbursement is $56 per day including meals at the Sheraton. Once the candidate has signed the form, the form will then be routed to chair/search chair for approval and to PBO/AP for processing. It takes approximately 3-4 weeks for the candidate to receive payment.
  4. The candidate will receive detailed instructions in their confirmation email regarding the reimbursement process.

Faculty Reimbursement Instructions

Meal and Additional Qualifying Reimbursement Requests (parking, tolls, etc.) – Employee (non-travel) reimbursements are moving into the expense module in Stratus effective July 11, 2022. You will use account 16810-604014. Please be sure to attach all necessary receipts. Please also include the search number and names of the attendees for all meals and enter the candidate’s name under “Additional Information". Please be advised that there is not a separate system now for "meals only". You will submit your reimbursement request for "meals only" through stratus as well.

Per Diem Faculty Reimbursement Rates – 3 people max (candidate, 2 faculty members)

  • Breakfast - $14 per person   
  • Lunch - $18 per person                                     
  • Dinner - $35 per person

*Please note that total charges exceeding the eligible per diem reimbursement amounts will be charged to the responsible department’s non-personnel/operating budget.

Faculty Hire Procedures

Once a section has been made and the verbal offer is accepted, follow the next steps for the hiring process.

  1. Follow-up with candidates who did not meet requirements / interview expectations.
  2. Complete the required “Search and Hire Report Form” located in the Forms Repository under FACULTY HIRING FORMS (search-hire-report-form-fillable.pdf) and submit it to the Vice President, Office of Inclusion & Institutional Equity (OIIE).
  3. Complete the DocuSign “Faculty Appointment Request form located on the Provost’s Budget Office website under Forms. This form will initiate the process for PBO to generate a faculty contract. PBO will also forward early provisioning and moving reimbursement information to the faculty for their information.
  4. When the signed contract is returned to the Provost’s Budget Office (PBO), PBO will forward a copy to the Dean, Executive Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Chair, Administrative Assistant to the Chair and Human Resources for their records.
  5. Newly appointed faculty (tenured/tenure-track faculty ONLY) can submit a moving reimbursement request one week prior to their official start date. They should send an email to and include their TU ID number, a map showing distance from current residence to new residence and if the department has offered additional compensation for moving expenses, a copy of the letter indicating this offer.

Moving Expense Reimbursement Scale

  • Less than 100 miles - $1,000
  • 100-999 miles = $2,000
  • 1,000-1,999 = $4,000
  • 2,000 or greater miles = $6,000