Environmental & Fire Safety

Environmental Safety

Towson University is like its own small city, and our environmental safety program aims to keep that city and its environment safe. We conduct routine building and grounds inspections, monitor campus operations and events, and train personnel to ensure that we're meeting safety standards and complying with federal and state regulations. Areas of concern include emergency response, drinking water quality (PDF), lead paint exposure (PDF), and spill prevention and control (PDF). We also monitor the university's driver improvement program, CDL controlled substance and alcohol program, non-hazardous waste disposal, underground and above ground storage tanks, and wastewater and surface water (NPDES) discharge permits.

Fire Safety

Towson's fire safety program is led by EHS staff who are deputized state fire marshals. They ensure that campus fire safety policies and procedures, including evacuation plans and fire permits are maintained in compliance with state code and university policy. They also monitor building life safety systems, including fire alarms, strobes, pull stations and extinguishers, to ensure they're working and up to code. In addition, fire safety staff review building renovation and construction plans for code compliance, inspect campus facilities, investigate fires and fire alarms; conduct drills and inspections, issue fire permits, coordinate special evacuation procedures, and offer educational programs.