Emergency Preparedness

TU follows the national all-hazards model of emergency response to prepare for and respond to a wide range of potential events. Our dedicated Office of Emergency Preparedness is trained in the five phases of emergency management: protection, planning, response, recovery and mitigation.

The Office of Emergency Preparedness develops and implements Towson University's emergency operations plan (EOP). The plan is our institution-wide playbook for emergency response. The EOP is supplemented by building-level and event-specific emergency plans that address the nuances for our diverse facilities and major events. They are regularly put into practice during tabletop exercises and full-scale training exercises performed in conjunction with local, state and federal agencies. 

All Hazards Preparedness Committee

Towson University's All Hazards Preparedness Committee engages key campus stakeholders in a holistic approach to emergency planning and response. Committee members meet every month to elevate opportunities for prevention, address new or changing threats, and advance emergency planning within their departments. The committee is chaired by TU's Chief of Police with representation from the Division of Academic Affairs, the Division of Student Affairs, the Counseling Center, Facilities Management and more. 

Tools and Training

Preparedness starts with awareness. We encourage you to utilize our emergency preparedness videos, resource guides, and in-person training courses to help you stay safe in an emergency.

Active shooter response training

Learn how you can implement the proven "avoid, deny, defend" strategy for surviving an active shooter event. This free one-hour course is available to all TU students, faculty and staff. Register now.