Our highly-trained police officers patrol Towson University’s campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Officers practice a community policing approach. They patrol the campus in vehicles, on bikes and by foot to build relationships and proactively reduce crime.

TU police are fully sworn officers empowered to investigate, arrest, or take other necessary action to address any criminal or civil infraction. Officers respond to emergency calls, investigate crimes, and manage security and safety for the many special events on campus. TUPD also works closely with local and state agencies, including the Baltimore County Police Department and the Maryland State Police.

Personal Safety Programs

Our free crime prevention programs are focused on keeping TU students, faculty and staff safe and informed. We encourage you to practice the common-sense advice shared in our safety videos and tips.

Property Safety Programs


Engraving valuables with your name and phone number helps prevent theft and assists in recovering stolen property. Contact the TUPD's Community Outreach Unit at 410-704-5622 to schedule free engraving.

Personal Property Registration

We encourage you to register your computer, bike, phone and other personal property with the TUPD. Register your personal property to aid recovery of lost, stolen or misplaced valuables.

Campus Safety Programs

Housing Security

Our Office of Public Safety oversees dedicated security officers in each university-owned residence hall. The officers verify the identity of everyone entering the building. Guests must be accompanied by an occupant and must keep a registration form on file with the security officer for the length of their visit.

Building Assignment Program

Each building on campus is assigned a TUPD officer who maintains primary responsibility for that building’s safety. The officer interacts with building stakeholders, reviews the reports of all incidents that occur in the building, and identifies and reports opportunities to improve the building’s safety and security. The officer submits a monthly report for the building sharing his or her contacts and observations. 

Emergency Telephones and Blue Light Phones

There are 235 phones in the TU Emergency Phone System on campus. This includes 64 Blue Light pedestal phones and 54 other emergency phones on the exterior of buildings, at entrances to buildings and in campus garage elevator lobbies. Activating the emergency telephone system prompts a call directly to the TUPD.

Safety Cameras

The university police maintains a network of safety video cameras located at key points across campus. Police communication operators monitor the cameras daily to ensure faster discovery and response to crimes, and to keep the TU community safe. The video cameras assist police with suspect identification and provides evidence for criminal prosecution. 

Community Outreach

The TUPD holds a variety of community events to promote crime prevention and safety. These include Prescription Drug Take-Back, Coffee with a Cop, Safety Day, Mascot Days at athletic games, night walks to identify and resolve safety concerns, and more. Stay tuned to TU Today for dates and locations.

In addition, TUPD’s Community Outreach Unit works closely with leaders in the campus community to provide security and safety programs, presentations and workshops throughout the year. 

Work With Us

If you are involved in a student, university or community group and would like a TUPD outreach officer to attend one of your meetings, call us at 410-704-5622.