Incomplete Grades

Incomplete grades are given at the discretion of the instructor and may be granted toward the end of the term for documented circumstances beyond the control of the student. Earlier in the term, a withdrawal may be more appropriate. Instructors will set an appropriate time frame to complete outstanding coursework no later than 180 days. Incomplete extensions beyond 180 days are not permitted.

Incomplete Grade Agreement

The Registrar’s Office provides the following incomplete grade agreement that should be discussed and signed by both the instructor and student. This form is for faculty’s records and should not be sent to the Registrar’s Office.

Guidelines for Incomplete Grades

Faculty are not obligated to provide an incomplete grade if they determine the student does not meet the recommended guidelines or it is not possible to offer the student additional time to complete the remaining coursework based on the nature of the course or circumstances beyond the instructor’s control.

Students should be able to provide documentation of circumstances beyond their control that prevented them from being able to complete the coursework in the allotted time.

In order to be granted an incomplete, students must have completed a substantive portion of the coursework to date.

If they never attended or stopped attending/participating, students should not be granted an incomplete and should be assigned the grade of “FX.”

If requesting an incomplete prior to the withdrawal deadline, students should be advised to withdraw from the course.

Examples of Valid Reasons to Give an Incomplete

  • Student missed the final exam due to extenuating circumstances and needs a make-up final after grades are due.
  • Student develops a medical issue near the end of the term that prohibits them from completing the course within the term dates.
  • A course requirement (internship, performance, etc.) unexpectedly extends beyond the fully graded date.

Determining a Deadline

Deadlines are at the full discretion of the faculty member and can be based on technical resources or faculty availability. While the maximum period for an incomplete is 180 days, it is recommended that faculty consider a deadline that is appropriate based on the remaining amount of work rather than to select the default of 180 days.

Degree Conferral

Degrees will not be conferred if there is an outstanding “I” grade on the record. Graduating students with an incomplete grade will have their degree conferral date based on the date when the grade is finalized. Faculty or students with questions about how an incomplete will impact graduation should contact the Graduation Office at .