Third Attempt of a Course

Catalog Reference - Repeating Courses


Authorization from the department is required to register for a third or additional attempt of a course. Registering without prior permission is putting you at risk of being dropped from the course. Petitions are reviewed by the department that owns the course, not the student’s major department.

  • TSEM and ENGL 102 requests will be reviewed by the Academic Standards Committee. 
  • Business majors repeating business courses will have their petitions reviewed by the Student Academic & Career Services Office.

Attempts of a Course

Only attempts of courses taken at Towson University count as a third or additional attempt. If a previously posted transfer course is counting as one of your attempts of a course, please notify our office via email ( so that your record can be adjusted to only include TU courses.

Withdrawals and Audits

Withdrawals and audits do not count as attempts for most courses, however, withdrawals & audits do count as attempts for BIOL 221, 221L, 222 and 222L only.

Core/GenEd Courses

If your request to make a third attempt of a Core/GenEd course is denied, you should enroll in an alternate course from the same Core/GenEd category to satisfy the requirement.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students with Questions

  • Undergraduates should consult with your major advisor or an advisor in the Academic Advising, Retention & Completion Office.
  • Graduates should consult with your program director or advisor.

third attempt petition docusign form

  • Complete Section 1 of the form using the link below.
  • Once your petition has been reviewed by the department & Academic Standards, you will receive a confirmation via your TU email.
  • Third Attempt Petition DocuSign Form