Outreach & Workshops

The Office of Student Accountability & Restorative Practices at Towson University is committed to educating students about their role as members of the Towson and greater Baltimore communities. Through marketing campaigns, participation in educational workshops, and facilitated conversations, Towson students are empowered to think beyond themselves and understand how their actions affect their future, the lives of others, and their surrounding environments.




Students, Faculty, and Staff can request a workshop for their office, student organizations, themselves, and more. We are also available to co-create something that fits your specific needs. If you have the need or desire to schedule a workshop, please contact the Office of Student Accountability & Restorative Practices directly at or 410-704-2057.

Please see the list below for our regular offerings:

  • The Code of Student Accountability and how it applies to students on and off campus
  • Restorative Practices Tools and Uses
  • Academic Integrity
  • Family Educational Right and Privacy Act/ FERPA (Buckley Amendment)
  • Setting expectations and communication strategies within the classroom/ workplace
  • Cyber bullying and social media
  • Ethical decision making
  • Classroom management and responding to disruptions
  • Promoting responsible off-campus behavior
  • Conduct records and the job search
  • Civility in the workplace
  • Civility topics focusing on campus culture

Workshops as Accountability Actions

Students may be assigned workshops as sanctions. In these workshops, students explore their role as a responsible citizen within our community and the impact that their decision making and personal conduct has on the university community through interactive activities and discussion. 

Possible workshops include, but are not limited to:

If you have been assigned a workshop as a sanction and have questions, please email or your hearing officer.