Each year we host various events, workshops and programs.

Women in Leadership Conference

Each year, we partner with various departments and academic colleges to host the Women In Leadership Conference to focus on increasing the leadership capacity of women students and preparing them for success in the workplace. Conference presenters are alumnae, faculty, staff and local business owners. 

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender Day of Remembrance programming occurs around Nov. 20 each year to raise awareness and educate the public about transgender rights, issues and experiences. 

Lavender Celebration

Lavender Celebration is a cultural commencement ceremony held to honor LGBTQIA+ students of all races and ethnicities to acknowledge their academic achievements and contributions to the university. This ceremony is typically held in May and honors all graduates for that calendar year.  

Queer Peers

The Queer Peer Mentor Program supports LGBTQIA+ students through their unique and individual identity development journey safely, privately and positively.

The program is multi-faceted, and nearly anyone can benefit from the program’s various components. While the program’s primary goal is to foster one-on-one mentor-to-mentee relationships, there are also opportunities for individuals to get the support and knowledge they need for their identity development, even without a one-on-one mentor relationship.

Critical aspects of the program include:

  • the one-on-one pairing of a trained pride mentor with a mentee 
  • safe space to express and explore your identities  
  • queer after-hours social event — hosted once per semester

How to Become a Mentor or Mentee

Mentors receive professional training related to issues that relate to LGBTQIA+ identity development, mental health, activism and advocacy, transgender identities, queer resilience and other relevant topics.

  • ability to help other students profoundly and positively along their LGBTQIA+ journey 
  • one-on-one personalized meeting w/ trained staff for resume, cover letter, job/internship/research search and professional development advising 
  • access to leadership training and professional development opportunities 
  • priority access to relevant events, trips, and conferences as available each term/year  
  • networking opportunity with LGBTQIA+ TU alumni 
  • free TU pride mentor t-shirt 

Mentees will receive assistance in accessing on-campus LGBTQIA+ resources, connecting to student organizations and navigating college life. 

  • one-on-one meetings with a trained LGBTQIA+ mentor to assist with LGBTQIA+ identity development, questions, and other needs as appropriate 
  • instant network of LGBTQIA+ people on campus 
  • priority access to relevant events and field trips  

For more information, contact the Queer Peers at