Welcome to our resources page! Below you will find detailed instructions on how to register and create a team on IMLeagues, which can be done in a few simple steps. Also listed below are the rules for each sport we offer. Lastly, roster sizes are specified below, indicating how many people play at one time and how large a roster can be.

How to Register

Detailed instructions on registering a team, joining a team, or registering as a free agent can be found on the How to Register page.

Concussion Information

For information regarding concussions in sports including signs and symptoms and next steps, click here.


3-on-3 Basketball

5-on-5 Basketball


Blindfold Bocce Ball

Canoe Battleship

Capture the Flag

7v7 Flag Football

4v4 Flag Football

Floor Hockey




Mat Ball

Outdoor Soccer

Seated Volleyball


Table Tennis

Trench Ball

4v4 Volleyball



Team Requirements 

Sport Total Players  Min. Players  Max. Players per team  Gender Requirements For Co-Rec Sports
3v3 Basketball 3 2 6 2m/1f or 1m/2f
5v5 Basketball 5 4 10 3m/2f or 2m/3f
Badminton 1 (singles) or 2 (doubles) 1 (singles) or 2 (doubles) 1 (singles) or 2 (doubles) N/A
7v7 Flag Football 7 (8 for Co-Rec) 4 (5 for Co-Rec) 14/16 4m/4f
4v4 Flag Football 4 3 8 2f/2m
Futsal 6 4 12 3m/3f
Goalball 3 3 6 N/A
Kickball 10 7 20 5f/5m
Outdoor Soccer 8 5 16 4m/4f
Seated Volleyball 6 4 12 3m/3f
Softball  10 7 20 5m/5f
Trench Ball 6 3 12 3m/3f
Volleyball 6 4 12  3m/3f