Scheduled Offerings

Intramural Sports offers many seasons, tournaments, and free events for a variety of sports throughout the semester. See the schedule of sports offerings below.

The Towson University Intramural Sports Program features a diverse selection of seasons, tournaments, and free events. Free events include Drop In Play and Adaptive Recreation. Each one of the Intramural offerings is played either in Burdick Hall or on Burdick Field and features offerings in Open, Women’s and/or Co-Rec Leagues.


Intramural Sports offers open, women's, and co-rec leagues, in both recreational and competitive divisions. You can register a team, join an existing team, or participate as a free agent.  

Tournaments - Fall 2018 TBA

Tournaments offer open, co-rec, or women's brackets, and are single elimination. 

Free Events - Fall 2018 TBA

Anyone can come and play for free and without advance registration. Bring some friends and join the fun!

Adaptive Recreation - Fall 2018 TBA

Each semester Intramural Sports offers programming which aims to introduce the campus community to adaptive sports. All are encouraged to participate.