Resident Assistants

The Resident Assistant (RA) is a Residence Life student staff member who is assigned to a specific living area. The overall goal of the RA is to develop a sense of community in each residence hall. The RA is available to assist you with personal concerns, provide information on campus facilities and resources, assist you in developing programs and activities to meet your needs and interests, to address behavior, and report maintenance problems. RA's are also responsible for helping you to understand Housing Policies and enforcing those policies. RA's are an excellent resource for help with roommate problems or other conflicts which may arise in a group living situation.

The RA is the first Residence Life staff member to contact when you have questions or concerns. If you and the RA cannot resolve the situation, he or she can direct you to the appropriate resource for additional help.

There are one or two RA's on duty in each building every night. An RA will also be at the Community Center several hours during the evening to sign out equipment or spare keys and to answer any questions. They are then on-duty in their rooms for the rest of the evening and throughout the night and can be reached during emergency situations by calling the Community Center phone line.

The RA selection process takes place in early Spring semester for the following Fall Semester. The selection process provides participants with a chance to learn about themselves, meet other students and Residence Life staff, and provide an opportunity to become a RA the following semester.


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