Loyalty & Leadership Societies

True Tiger Society

TU’s Loyalty Giving Society

Paul Githongo ’09
True Tiger Society member Paul Githongo ’09 supports the Student Emergency & Food Insecurity Fund every year. “I was fortunate to have a meal plan when I was a student. I knew students who either couldn't afford a meal plan or did not have enough meals to feed themselves. After I graduated, that memory stuck with me,” Githongo says. “I give back so students have what they need to create great memories at TU.”

True Tiger Society recognizes dedicated donors of two or more consecutive years. Contributions may support any fund designation. Members of this society thrive on the knowledge that they are sustaining TU and remaining loyal to an institution worthy of their support. True Tigers fall within one of three tiers based on their level of loyalty:

  • Bronze: 2-5 consecutive years
  • Silver: 6-19 consecutive years
  • Gold: 20+ consecutive years

Not sure if you qualify? Contact Alison Armstrong, manager of donor engagement, at 410-704-3375 or  for more information.

Founders Society

TU’s Annual Leadership Giving Society

Christopher ’93 and Jan Evans ’93
Founders Society members Christopher ’93 and Jan Evans ’93 support the TU Fund every year. “Our gift helps the TU Foundation relieve some of the financial burden and costs associated with attaining a college degree. When we make a gift to TU, we are giving back to the very place that gave so much to us. Every dollar given helps to continue the TU legacy,” the Evans say. 

Founders Society is TU’s leadership giving society for those individuals and organizations with a strong affinity to see TU prosper. Founders Society members are those donors who make annual, leadership level gifts. Members include individual donors of $1,000+ and organizations of $10,000+ per year. Contributions may support any fund designation. Founders Society members receive invitations to engagement opportunities as well as select communications.

1866 Society

TU’s Esteemed Annual Leadership or Lifetime Giving Society

David Diaz ’99
1866 Society member David Diaz ’99 says, “There are many in our community who don’t recognize their own potential. Helping others see that potential can completely change their life trajectory and ripple outward to impact generations to come. I firmly believe that if you can help one person, you end up helping many.”

The 1866 Society includes TU’s most generous annual leadership or lifetime giving donors whose commitment to TU’s success is an example to our community. Members of the 1866 Society are individual donors of $10,000+ or organizations of $50,000+ annually as well as individual donors with $50,000+ in lifetime giving. Contributions may support any fund designation. 1866 Society members receive invitations to private engagement opportunities as well as special communications.

To become a member of either Founders Society or 1866 Society, contact Nky McGinnis, Ph.D., director of the annual campaign, at 410-704-3869 or .