Tower Light Society

Stephens Hall

Stephens Hall has been a focal point of our campus for nearly 100 years. Today, it continues to act as a beacon for those who share a sense of tradition and pride in their Towson education. In 1997, Towson University established the Tower Light Society to recognize those who plan for the future of the university and its students by including Towson University Foundation, Inc. in their estate plans.

Often these estate gifts help endow professorships, provide for student scholarship assistance or otherwise advance the university's academic mission, programs and facilities.

Membership in the Tower Light Society is offered when donors let us know that they have named the Towson University Foundation, Inc. as a beneficiary in their will, trust, life insurance, retirement or other estate plan. Other members qualify through charitable gift annuities.

For more information, please contact Kathleen Hider, Director of Planned Giving & Major Gifts, at 410-704-6287 or .

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