Office Phones & Voicemail

Towson University works closely with Cisco Communications and other third-party service vendors to provide service for office phones, data lines and audiovisual applications throughout campus. Many common support-related topics are addressed in the FAQs that our faculty/staff support team has created for your reference.

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Telecommunications Service Roles and Responsibilities

The Towson University Telecommunication department works closely with Network Engineering to provide data, voice and video throughout the campus community. The main service roles and responsibilities of this department include but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance of the campus telephone and television system.
  • Maintenance of the help center where faculty and staff can call for help using the telephone system, request new telephone service, ask for changes to existing service or obtain help with billing.
  • Installation and support of new phone lines, television jacks and data network ports.
  • Installation and maintenance of the University’s fiber, copper and coaxial cabling installed inside and between each building.
  • Coordination with Facilities Management during the construction of new buildings and the renovation of old buildings to design and install the physical infrastructure on which telephone, television, and data network services are provided. This physical infrastructure includes hub rooms, fiber, copper and coaxial cables, and the pathways through the building in which the cable is run. It also refers to the underground duct banks and manholes through which cable is run between buildings.

Telecommunications Guidelines

The University has enacted Telecommunications Guidelines pertaining to the following:

  • Use of telephone equipment
  • Use of the University telephone system
  • Designation and responsibilities of department telephone coordinators
  • Process for placing service and repair requests
  • Guidelines for calling space and restrictions
  • Use of departmental telephone directories
  • Process for telephone billing
  • Telephone client privacy rights
  • Access to telephone facilities
  • Campus infrastructure support (i.e. Cabling)
  • Responsibilities of the Office of Technology Services

Requests for New Service or Support

If you are in need of new lines of voice, data or video service, please contact the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center at 410-704-5151 or email .

Office Phone Setup and Support

For help with basic office phone setup, operation or troubleshooting, please see the OTS Training documentation for Cisco office phones (PDF). If you are still in need of support, please contact the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center at 410-704-5151 or email .

Service Providers

Level 3 Communications, Inc. supplies the campus with local and long distance calling services.