Scantron (OMR) Processing

SCS has discontinued Scantron (OMR) Processing due to dwindling needs.

Test scoring options

You can still use your department's existing scanners, or consider using Akindi, which is a modern and convenient alternative to Scantron. Plus, it's fully supported by the TU Blackboard team. See the Akindi self-help documents on the Blackboard Faculty Resources page.

Try this Scantron Alternative


Akindi allows you to set up an answer key online, and print out bubble sheets for your students to use. Once the students have taken the test, you can upload the student answer sheets by scanning them in and sending them to Akindi. Akindi will then grade the tests and provide you with a report, and can send the grades back to Blackboard for your students to see. 

Learn more

To learn more about Akindi, submit a TechHelp service request, or contact the TU Blackboard team. For more details or assistance with this service, contact Student Computing Services.

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