Below is reference material for various Apple products, including Mac computers and the iOS lineup of iPhone and iPad.

Macintosh: Connecting to Mac to H:\ and O:\ Drives (Network File Shares) (PDF). Learn how to connect to file shares and remote drive using a Macintosh Apple Computer.

Macintosh: Setting Up Outlook (PDF). Use Microsoft Outlook to consolidate your PC-based email into your Mac inbox, unify your work and home messages, contacts, calendars and tasks. See more about Microsoft Office (desktop version) and Microsoft Office 365 (online/cloud).

Macintosh: Finding System Information (PDF) such as computer name, serial number and IP address.

Saving Files on Mac Computers (PDF) looks different than saving on a Windows computer, however the concept is similar. You still need to save to either your H: drive or a flash drive if you wish to access the file at a later time.

Macintosh: Safe File Naming Conventions (PDF) for files that might be shared between Macintosh and PC computers. Certain characters are incompatible when sharing files across platforms.

Office 2016 for Mac: Adding a Maildrop (PDF) and Office 2016 for Mac: Adding a Maildrop (VIDEO)

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