Course Approval Reporting Committee


Membership of the Course Approval Reporting Committee (CARC) shall be composed of one elected faculty member from each of the colleges with academic departments, as well as the Library, plus appropriate staff members (non-voting).

The non-voting ex officio members of the Course Approval Reporting Committee shall consist of a representative of the Office of the Provost; a representative of the Registrar’s office; a representative of the Admissions office; and the Vice President for Inclusion and Institutional Equity (or a representative of that office designated by the Vice President).

Name Department College Term expiration
Barin Nag Business Analytics & Technology Management CBE 2025
Tammy Bowers Nursing CHP 2024
Bill Tsitsos Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice CLA 2023
Sara Hooks, chair Early Childhood Education COE 2025
Will Redman Music  COFAC 2024
Kristin Frank Mathematics FCSM 2024
Christina Gibson Cook Library   2025
Clare Muhoro Associate Provost    ex officio & non-voting
Suzanne Hill Registrar   ex officio & non-voting
Alicia Arkell-Kleis Admissions   ex officio & non-voting


The Course Approval Reporting Committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month.


  1. To establish University-wide guidelines and definitions concerning credits, level, prerequisites, types of courses, and special learning experiences.
  2. To approve all new courses and changes in existing courses by college or school curriculum committees.
  3. To oversee changes in courses required by majors that involve curriculum in more than one college or school.
  4. To provide an annual report to the UCC for inclusion in the UCC annual report to the senate.