Course Approval Reporting Committee


Membership of the Course Approval Reporting Committee (CARC) shall be comprised of one faculty member from each of the colleges or schools with academic departments. These faculty members will be appointed for a three year term by the University President, upon nomination of the President of the Faculty Association.

The non-voting ex officio members of the Course Approval Reporting Committee shall consist of a representative of the Provost’s office, a representative of the Registrar’s office and a representative of the Admissions office.

Name Department
Lea Ann Christenson (2019) Early Childhood Education
Marion Cockey, Chair (2020) Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Thomas Krause (2017) Physics Astronomy and Geosciences
Ray Martens (2018) Art + Design, Art History, Art Education
Hiroko Okajima (2019) e-Business and Technology Management
Deitra Wengert (2018) Health Science 


The Course Approval Reporting Committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month.


  1. To establish University-wide guidelines and definitions concerning credits, level, prerequisites, types of courses, and special learning experiences. 
  2. To approve all new courses and changes in existing courses by college or school curriculum committees. 
  3. To oversee changes in courses required by majors that involve curriculum in more than one college or school.