New Courses & Changes to Existing Courses

Curricular actions related to new or existing courses are initiated at the department level using the online CIM Course System. The review and approval process typically requires three months.   

The workflow for the approval process is detailed in the link below:

Course Workflow (PDF)

The CIM workflow includes a review process for learning outcomes and the related assessment planning for courses in the University Core. The approval processes are college-specific and must be complete by the time the course is reviewed by the university-level Core Curriculum Reporting Committee.

Useful Tools in Course Development:

Syllabus Guidelines for Best Practices

Guidelines in Preparing Course Descriptions (DOCX)                            

Curricular Standards for the University Core – TU General Education Program (DOCX) 

Guidelines for Advanced Writing Seminar (DOCX)   

Time Commitments by Credit Hour & Component Type (DOCX)      

Graduate-level Course Development resources:

Graduate Studies Course Approval Form (DOCX)

Degree Qualifications Profile excerpt (DOCX)