Peer Advisers

Our Study Abroad Peer Advisers are current TU students who have already studied abroad and now work in the TU Study Abroad Office. They are eager to share stories about their time abroad and can provide first-hand advice and guidance before, during, and after your study abroad experience.

Ask a Peer Adviser

Study Abroad Peer Advisers can help you research programs, look up classes, and give you general tips about studying and living overseas. Send them an email at to ask a specific question or to make an appointment to meet with one of them. You don’t have to be interested in the country where the Peer Adviser studied in order to talk with them.

NOTE: Students who meet with a Peer Adviser are still required to attend a Study Abroad group advising meeting and meet with a Study Abroad Adviser.

Isabelle Brna
TU Communication and Global Competence Faculty-led Program in Barcelona, Spain, Summer 2019
I'm a senior, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Communication Studies. In my future career, I'm hoping to attend law school and become a practicing attorney. During the summer of 2018, I participated in the TU Communications and Global Competence program in Barcelona, Spain. In this experience, I was able to observe the Catalan culture and acknowledge the cultural differences. I underestimated how valuable this experience was, as it taught me how to adapt to a new environment and use my communication skills while having a language barrier. I loved this whole experience, as I learned valuable skills, made lifelong friendships, and created lasting memories. I encourage all students to take the chance and study abroad. You never know what you might discover and it is truly an unforgettable experience!

Jarkari Partlow
TU Marketing in the Shadow of the Bordeaux Vineyards Faculty-led Program in France, Minimester 2019
I am a senior, business administration major with a concentration in Finance and a minor in French. My study abroad experience focused on the marketing of wine in the wine capital of the world, Bordeaux, France. It was an amazing opportunity to revive my French speaking skill as well as build relationships with people that I most likely would have never met outside of this experience. I truly enjoyed being able to learn about something that interests me while exploring another part of the world. I am excited to encourage others to explore the opportunity to study abroad! 

Ask an Intern

Ayomide Fasiola
Culture and Psychology: Argentina from a Psychological Perspecitve, Minimester 2020
I am a Senior, Psychology major. In the future, I plan to become a Student Affairs Professional within Higher Education. I am passionate about this field because I want to be able to create spaces, advocate, encourage, educate and promote social justice and equity for students within a post-secondary institution! During this Minimester (Winter-Break), I went and studied abroad in Argentina. I was able to compare psychological, cultural, and organizational difference between Argentina and the U.S! Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I have made while here at Towson. My worldview has definitely expanded and I was able to tackle the concept of Psychology in a different yet new way. I found incredibly new customs, traditions, food and social atmospheres. I gained a better understanding and appreciation for Argentina's people, history, psychology and more. I was also able to simply discover more about myself and others while gaining an understanding of a different culture. I would do this all over again, and I 100% recommend for everyone to study abroad at least once!

John Daniel Mabilangan
Baltimore Student Exchange Program at Johns Hopkins
Hello, my name is John Daniel Mabilangan, but most people just call me John. I am a senior double majoring in International Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies in the Asian Studies Concentration with a minor in French and Japanese languages. I participated in the Baltimore Student Exchange Program to Johns Hopkins University where I was able to experience a new campus environment and challenge myself academically through their Japanese language courses. Throughout my academic career I have been actively working with international students to help them adjust to campus life through International Student Association. In doing so, I have been able to improve my language skills, broaden my horizons, and build connections with our international students. Whether it be on campus or studying abroad, language is an essential asset in, any setting, to build bridges to cultures and possibilities beyond our own.

Maddie Trainor
TU Community Development and Non-Profit Management Faculty-led Program in The Gambia and Senegal, Minimester 2020
I am a junior, majoring in International Studies with a double minor in Political Science and Environmental Science. My hopes are to pursue law school following my time here at Towson University, where I can then specialize in environmental law and collaborate with nonprofit organizations. My experiences abroad propelled towards a career working with individuals passionate about their communities and their culture. In The Gambia, the smallest country on the continent of Africa, I gained hands-on experience working with non-profit organizations, learned about the depth and beauty in Gambian tradition and found lifelong friends. I am so thankful to have been given the change to meet and interact with so many different and wonderful people throughout my study abroad experience! This journey truly changed my life,and I will never forget the memories I have made and the love I have for my host family in The Gambia. Being able to study abroad can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - do not pass it up!

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