Planning Exchange Visits

This website guide provides information to assist you in planning and preparing for an international exchange visit. It pertains only to overseas opportunities authorized by Towson University. To make your trip run smoothly, read the guide in its entirety before you travel and we suggest you bookmark the website for questions that might arise during your stay.

Faculty and staff exchange is an integral component of Towson University's internationalization effort. Faculty exchanges provide professors a unique opportunity to further their own professional development and scholarly research. Staff members can take advantage of exchange opportunities to work in related departments at TU partner institutions. There are possibilities for exchange in a dozen countries and more than 25 international partner universities. Full-time, tenure-track faculty may spend a semester, year or short-term period abroad while staff exchanges are normally 4 weeks in length. Ideally, these exchanges will result in collaborative projects and ongoing exchanges of information.

  • Personal account of doing a Teacher Exchange in Germany