Sponsored Student Programs

Our Office is the primary source for comprehensive support services to international sponsored students and their sponsoring agencies.

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Remote Learning Verification (SACM)

SACM sponsored students needing a letter to certify remote learning and their immigration status at Towson University need to complete this form.

Our office serves as the university liaison to sponsored students, sponsoring agencies, Towson University faculty, academic departments, the Graduate School, Admissions, Housing and Residence Life, the English Language Center (ELC) and other administrative offices. Our services include: 

  • Working with admissions and immigration (ISSO) to expedite sponsored student processing.
  • Reporting to international sponsoring agencies on student enrollment, academic status, and billing.
  • Providing arrival assistance services to help students locate housing, obtain a driver's license, find employment, and learn about medical insurance.
  • Offering a sponsored student orientation highlighting student academic and legal responsibilities and the coordinator’s role.
  • Organizing social events on campus, cultural events, and activities to foster acculturation among students.

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Student Resources

We’ll help you connect with student resources such as housing, childcare, disability services, religious services, health and counseling, student organizations and more.  

Fill out this form to request official documents for your sponsors. Processing takes 3-5 business days.

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