OSPR Funding Opportunities

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research is eager to support faculty members who wish to enhance the competitiveness of their grants through incentive programs.

Seed Funding for Grantseekers Program

Applications are no longer being accepted.

This pilot program is designed to support activities necessary to advance competitive research proposals, such as performing preliminary work and facilitating collaboration.

It is expected that a competitive proposal for a sizable project (appropriate to the discipline) will be submitted to an external funding organization within a year of the completion of the Seed Funding period.

Proposals to the Seed Funding program should identify the program and agency to which a future proposal will be submitted, describe the research project in language understandable to faculty reviewers from various disciplines, delineate how the funding will result in a more competitive proposal, and include a budget for the use of the seed funding as well as a timeline for submission to an external funding organization. 

Proposals may request an amount up to $10,000, and a total of $25,000 will be awarded this year. The program will be reviewed internally for success at meeting the objective of advancing competitive research proposals.

Full-time faculty members are eligible to serve as the Principal Investigator for the Seed Funding program, and all TU personnel are eligible to serve as team members. While the OSPR would encourage that all faculty members contact their chairs and deans to let them know they are applying to this program, it is essential that faculty members who are not tenured or tenure-track contact their chair and dean before preparing an application for this program to be sure that their plans to apply for external funding will be supported.

Peer Review Incentive Program

Faculty members who serve on review panels gain knowledge of the breadth and most current scholarship in their field and insight into what makes a grant proposal succeed (or fail) during peer review. They also begin to develop professional relationships with agency personnel.

The program intends to support participation in a review panel for a program faculty plan to apply for in the future. Participation in review panels for a student program; for example, would not be eligible. Generally, a faculty member is eligible to receive $750 once, although a subsequent award will be considered after the applicant has submitted a proposal to a funding agency.

  • A $750 stipend will be provided to a faculty member who serves on a federal review panel. This will be in addition to any compensation that is provided by the federal agency.
  • To apply, submit a completed application to . The application must be submitted four weeks prior to serving on the panel. These activities are subject to the availability of funds and the OSPR will not provide support for any activities that were not pre-approved.
  • PRIP Application (PDF)

How to Apply to be a Peer Reviewer

agency instructions

National Endowment for the Arts

Complete and submit a National Endowment for the Arts Application.
National Endowment for the Humanities Complete and submit a National Endowment for the Humanities Application.
National Institute of Health Send an email to the Enhancing Peer Review mailbox with a brief description of your area of expertise in the body of the email (1-2 sentences) and a copy of your biosketch as an attachment. For more information, visit the NIH website.
National Science Foundation Send an email to the NSF program officer(s) of the program(s) that fit your expertise. Introduce yourself and identify your area of expertise, and let them know that you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer. It is most helpful if you also attach a 2-page CV with current contact information. For more information, visit the NSF website.
Department of Education The Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE) often seeks Peer Reviewers. You must create or login to a G5 account in order to apply. For more information, visit the OPE website.

Reimbursement for Travel to Visit a Program Officer

The OSPR will reimburse faculty members for the cost of a round-trip visit to an agency located in Washington, D.C. for the purpose of meeting with a program officer. To apply, submit a completed application to  before your trip.

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