Faculty Development & Research Committee Grants

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSPR) administers applications to the internal grant funding program of the Faculty Development and Research Committee.

Application Cycle is Currently Closed

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FDRC Guidelines (PDF)

FDRC Application (PDF)

FDRC Budget Form (XLSX)

Meet the Fall FY20 FDRC Award Recipients

Congratulations to the Fall FY20 Awardees! The program is a competitive one and this year the committee received 32 applications and was able to award 13 grants during this competition cycle. We wish them every success with their upcoming projects. 

Recipient Project Title/award Amount
Seung (Scott) Choi, Department of Nursing "Impact of Contingency Management on Group Therapy Adherence among Adult Inpatients in Treatment for Substance Use Disorders," $6,000.00
Alondra Diaz-Lameiro, Department of Biological Sciences "Uncovering the Wild Ancestor of the Domestic South American," $6,000.00 
Kathleen Eglseder, Department of Occupational Therapy & Occupational Sciences "The Impact of Healthcare Provider Training on the Provision of Sexuality Services for Adults with Physical Disabilities," $3,640.00
Diana Emanuel, Department of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology "The Lived Experience of the Audiologist," $595.00
Luis Engelke, Department of Music "Sounds of the Chesapeake," $3,195.00
Jennifer Figg, Department of Art + Design, Art History, Art Education "Invasive Ecologies," $6,000.00
Harjant Gill, Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice "Tales from Macholand: Immersive Virtual Reality Web Series," $5,997.00
Karlin Kirilov, Department of Music "CD Album 'Digital Accordion and Balkan Music'," $6,000.00
Dana Kollman, Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice "Bioarchaeological Examination of Pre-Classic Period Human Remains Recovered from a Lime Kiln, El Mirador Complex, Guatemala," $5,084.00
Jennifer Kouo, Department of Special Education "Comprehensive Autism Resource Environment (CARE): Optimizing Pediatrci Emergency Department Care for Patients with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and their Families," $2,760.00
John LaPolla, Department of Biological Sciences "Investigations of an Obligate Mutualism: A. arnoldi and E. scorpiodes," $5,100.00
Rachel Riedel, Department of Kinesiology "Breaking the silence: investigating mental health education in America," $4,510.00
Donn Worgs, Department of Political Science "Moral Frames and African American Politics," $3,000.00


Who is eligible to apply for an FDRC award?

FDRC awards are available to any full‐time faculty member (tenured and tenure-track, clinical, lecturer, visiting). Distribution of the award is dependent upon continued employment at Towson.

Is there a limit on the number of FDRC awards I can apply for/receive?

Applicants may not have an active FDRC award at the time of proposal submission and may receive no more than two awards every five years.

When is the application deadline?

The regular FDRC application cycle requires applicants send their documents to  no later than 1 pm on the first Thursday of the spring semester.

If additional resources are made available, a second funding cycle will be announced via the OSPR Newsletter and TU Today.

What is the award amount?

The committee will award up to $6,000 for approved projects.

What is the project period?

July 1 - May 31

Other project periods will be announced via the OSPR Newsletter and TU Today as additional resources are made available.

Can I pay myself using an FDRC award?

The PI is eligible to pay themselves a maximum faculty summer stipend of $4,000. 

Because FDRC grants limit faculty compensation to the summer months, applications submitted for additional deadlines may not include any stipend payments to faculty members.

What are eligible expenses?

Awards may be used to cover project‐specific reimbursable, state‐allowed expenses such as travel for research purposes, services, materials, equipment (as appropriate), and student wages.

Project expenses must be explained in the budget justification. Special care should be taken to justify items such as computers, laptops, and iPads. The budget justification should explain why the equipment is needed and what will happen to the equipment when the project is complete.

What are ineligible expenses?

Funds may not be used to support conference attendance. This includes conference travel, registration, and any other conference-related costs. Travel requests should be justified in terms of the benefit of the trip to the project.

How do my co-investigators and I "certify and approve" the application for routing? Do I have to do anything to get my chair/dean's approval?

On the day of the deadline, OSPR will initiate a proposal in Kuali Coeus. Once initiated, you and your co-investigators will receive a system-generated email from Kuali no later than 5 p.m. on the day of the deadline. There will be a link in the email that takes you to a page with five certification questions for you to complete as soon as possible. OSPR cannot start the approval process until the questions are answered. After you submit your answers, OSPR will initiate routing. You and your co-investigators will receive a second system-generated email from Kuali prompting you to follow a link to a page for you to approve your application. Your approval is your second and final required action. Both actions must be completed by 1 p.m. on the day after the deadline. 

Once you complete your approval, the proposal will move into your chair and dean's queue. They will have seven (7) days after the deadline to complete their reviews and approvals. No action is required on your part for this step in routing.

Are there additional guidelines I should be aware of?
Yes! Please make sure to read the full FDRC Guidelines (PDF) carefully before preparing and submitting your application.
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