Faculty Development & Research Committee


The Faculty Development and Research Committee shall be composed of two elected faculty members from each college or school with academic departments; the Assistant Vice President of Sponsored Programs and Research or designee non-voting and ex officio; and one Dean representative appointed to a three-year term and on a rotating basis by the Deans’ Council, not voting and ex officio. No two faculty members shall be from the same department.

Voting Members

name department college term expiration
Katherine Attié English CLA 2025
Nhung Hendy Management CBE 2025
Rian Landers-Ramos Kinesiology CHP 2026
Kristine Schuller Health Sciences CHP 2026
Lynn Tomlinson Electronic Media & Film COFAC 2024
Min Jin Music COFAC 2024
Heather Haverback, Chair Secondary and Middle School Education COE 2024
Suk Gabriel Choi Philosophy & Religious Studies CLA 2026
Maria Perpetua U. Liwanag Elementary Education COE 2025
Ge Han Mathematics FCSM 2026
Wendy Nelson PAGS FCSM 2025
Shantanu Bagchi Economics CBE 2024

Ex-Officio and Non-Voting

Name Department College Term Expiration
Nancy Dufau  Assistant Vice President of Sponsored Programs and Research   NA 
Sidd Kaza Deans' Representative Graduate Studies 2025
Patricia Westerman Assistant Provost and Director of FACET   NA


According to the Academic Senate Constitution, the responsibilities of the Faculty Development and Research Committee are:

  1. To communicate with the faculty to determine its need for faculty development and research support. 
  2. To encourage the development of faculty as scholar-teachers. 
  3. To advocate for financial support for faculty development and research whenever possible. 
  4. To establish criteria and guidelines for the distribution of support funds and to award these grants based on the review of the proposals. 
  5. To provide an Annual Report to the Academic Senate.