Resource Planning & Advisory Committee


The Resource Planning and Advisory Committee consists of the following:

  • One full-time faculty member from each college, elected by faculty within his/her college
  • Chair shall be elected from the faculty members elected to committee
  • One Dean selected annually by the Provost
  • One representative from Administration & Finance selected annually by Vice President of Administration & Finance
  • One representative from University Advancement selected annually by Vice President of University Advancement
  • One representative from Student Affairs selected annually by Vice President of Student Affairs
  • One representative from President's staff selected annually
  • One representative from Athletics selected annually by University President
  • One undergraduate student appointed by Student Government Association (SGA) president
  • One graduate student selected annually by Graduate Student Association (GSA)
  • Chair of University Senate and President of AAUP, ex-officio and voting
  • Provost, ex-officio and non-voting
  • Senior Vice President and CFO, ex-officio and non-voting

Voting Members

Name unit term
Babu Baradwaj CBE 2019
Hana Bor CLA 2019
Joel Moore FCSM  2022
Steven Satta COFAC 2021
Mary Carter CHP 2020
Qing Li COE 2021
Rick Davis Library 2021
Elizabeth Carbone University Advancement  
Marina Cooper University Marketing & Communications   
Bezawit Tenna SGA  
Joyce Garczynski Faculty Salary Review Committee   
Bonnie Lingelbach Student Affairs  
Jessica Minkove Athletics Representative   
Christina Morgan Division of Strategic Partnerships & Applied Research  
Natasha Najmi  GSA  
Shohreh Kaynama Dean Representative  
Carol Wettersten Administration and Finance  

Ex-Officio Voting

Name Role
John McLucas  AAUP President
Jennifer Ballengee University Senate
Mary Cowles Towson University Staff Council

Ex-Officio Non-Voting

Name Role
 Melanie Perreault Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs 
  Vice President for Administration & Finance 
  Chief of Staff, President
  President's Office 


The Resource Planning and Advisory Committee will serve as the University Senate’s representative voice into Towson University’s annual resource planning process. The committee will support the university in a consultative manner by reviewing, advising, and recommending on the following:

  1. Annual funding priorities plan;

  2. Annual tuition and fee plan;
  3. Amendments or modification to the ten year capital plan;
  4. Changes to the fiscal policies of the university;
  5. Funding priorities in the event of a financial crisis.