Intercollegiate Athletics Committee


The Intercollegiate Athletics Committee consists of six elected faculty from each college and four students appointed by the Student Government Association (SGA) President.

Voting Members

NAme Department College Term Expires
Natalie Scala, Chair e-Business and Technology Management CBE 2020
Diana Cheng Mathematics FCSM 2020
Michelle Humphreys Music COFAC 2020
Ashley Santo Kinesiology CHP 2022
Keunsu Han Kinesiology CHP 2022


Name Department
Renee McGlothlin Title IX & Civil Rights Investigator, Inclusion & Institutional Equity
Brandon Cohen Associate Vice President, Administration & Finance, University Budget Office
Shaunna Payne Gold Assistant Provost for Diversity & Inclusion, Office of the Provost
Matt Chambers Chairperson, Economics
Brian DeFilippis Vice President, University Advancement
Jamie DeLuca Chairperson, Kinesiology
Tim Leonard Director of Athletics
Grady Sheffield Director, Campus Recreation Services
Hanna Howard GSA


The Intercollegiate Athletics Committee meets on the second Thursday of each month from 3:30-5pm during the academic year.


According to the Academic Senate Constitution, the responsibilities of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee include:

  1. To advise, oversee, and establish responsibilities for all areas of administration of the intercollegiate athletics program. 
  2. To insure that the athletics program is in philosophical compliance with the goals of the University. 
  3. To insure that all athletes conform to University, National Collegiate Athletics Association, and affiliated conference standards regarding normal progress toward a degree by requiring verification of academic eligibility from the Registrar or Faculty Athletics Representative at the beginning of each semester of each athlete's competitive season. 
  4. To affirm the University's commitment to compliance with all University, NCAA, and affiliated conference guidelines for recruiting by processing all alleged violations that come to its attention and reporting all alleged violations to the Director of Athletics for appropriate action. 
  5. To monitor, in conjunction with the Director of Athletics, adherence to University-mandated, NCAA, and affiliated conference standards of ethical conduct by all student-athletes, coaches, and other personnel connected with the intercollegiate athletics program. 
  6. To determine, in conjunction with the Director of Athletics, in which sports the University will be represented, the level of emphasis of each represented sport, and the size of the competing squads. 
  7. To establish, in conjunction with the Director of Athletics, policies regarding the number and scheduling of contests, scheduling of practices, and other related matters. 
  8. To participate fully in budget preparation at the final stages, to recommend approval or disapproval to the Director of Athletics and/or the Vice President for Institutional Development, and to insure equitable competition by guaranteeing that adequate funding is granted to each sponsored sport in compliance with the approved degree of emphasis and all Title IX requirements. 
  9. To participate in interviewing candidates for the position of Director of Athletics and to cast one vote in the selection process. 
  10. To participate in all decisions related to governing and regulatory bodies and conference affiliations by the action of the Faculty Athletics Representative.
  11. To provide an annual report to the Academic Senate.