Library Committee


The Library Advisory Committee consists of nine faculty with one representative from each academic college, including the library and three faculty at large positions, which are appointed on reccomendation of the AAUP President to the University President. The committee also includes two students who are appointed by the president of the Student Government Association (SGA).

Voting Members

Name Department College Term Expires
Lea Ann Christenson Early Childhood Education COE 2020
Aaron Ziegel, Chair Music COFAC 2020
James Overduin Physics, Astronomy and Geosciences FCSM 2020
Philippe Duverger Marketing At Large 2021
Jason Freeman Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice CLA 2021
Juergen Jung Economics CBE 2022
Kathleen Ogle Nursing CHP 2022
Julia Caffrey Cook Library Library 2022
Tawa Alaka GSA    2020


Name Department
Mary Gilbert Assistant University Librarian for Content Management, Library
Debbie Nolan Dean, University Libraries
Mary Ranadive Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services


The Library Advisory Committee meets on the last Friday of the month.


According to the Academic Senate Constitution, the responsibilities of the Library Advisory Committee include:

  1. To serve as an information channel between the library and the faculty and students in the planning and development of programs and services to meet the needs of the University.
  2. To act as an advocate for University resources to support the Library collections and services.
  3. To act as an advocate for the integration of information literacy and library instruction into the academic programs.
  4. To provide a forum for review and discussion of new library initiatives.
  5. To provide an annual report to the Academic Senate.