Retrenchment Appeals Committee


The Faculty Retrenchment Appeals Committee is mandated by the Board of Regents’ “Policy on Faculty Retrenchment” and the “Towson University Faculty Retrenchment Policy,” and shall be called into session when a tenured or tenure-track faculty member has his or her faculty appointment terminated due to retrenchment and files and appeal.

The Committee shall consist of: one tenured faculty member from each college with academic departments, and two-non-tenured faculty members. Committee members shall serve three year, staggered terms. One half of the faculty representative shall be elected and one half shall be appointed by the president of the University based on a list of nominees established by the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate. After three years, an elected slot on the Committee shall rotate to an appointed slot, and vice versa. The Chairperson of the Academic Senate shall be responsible for setting up the staggered terms, and for supervising the alternation between elected and appointed terms. If the faculty decline to elect faculty members in a timely manner or the faculty decline to serve, the president shall appoint the required number of committee members to serve on the Committee (Faculty Handbook, Chapter 5, Section L).

Name Department College Term Expiration
Jeffrey Kenton Educational Technology and Literacy COE 2020 (appointed)
Tara Ryan Nursing CHP 2020 (appointed)
Barbara Laster
Elementary Education At-Large 2021 (elected) 
Paporn Thebpanya Geography & Enviornmental Planning  CLA 2021 (elected) 
Luis Engelke
Music COFAC 2022 (elected)
George Georgiou (tenured) Economics CBE 2022 (elected)
Adam Zukowski Cook Library Library 2022 (elected)
Rachel Burks Physics, Astronomy, & Geosciences FCSM 2022 (elected)
Elsa Lankford Electronic Media & Film COFAC 2022 (elected)


The responsibilities of the Retrenchment Appeals Committee include:

  1. To hear appeals from faculty members who have received notification of termination of employment based on the University's retrenchment procedures. 
  2. To arrive at a judgment on the merit of the appeal and make a recommendation to the President of the University.