Retrenchment Appeals Committee


The Faculty Retrenchment Appeals Committee is mandated by the Board of Regents’ “Policy on Faculty Retrenchment” and the “Towson University Faculty Retrenchment Policy,” and shall be called into session when a tenured or tenure-track faculty member has his or her faculty appointment terminated due to retrenchment and files and appeal.

The Retrenchment Appeals Committee shall be composed of one elected tenured faculty member from each college with academic departments, two elected non-tenured faculty members, one elected librarian with permanent status, one faculty member appointed by the Chairperson of the Academic Senate, and one faculty member appointed by the President of the TU-AAUP, none of whom may have served or be currently serving on the Retrenchment Committee.

Name Department College Term Expiration
Will Bologna (non-tenured, at large) Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology CHP 2026

Briana Snyder

Nursing CHP 2026 
Bob Blake Elementary Education COE 2024 
Matthew Durington Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice CLA 2024
Diana Saez
(non-tenured, at large)
Music COFAC 2025
Yongchen Zhao Economics CBE 2025
Adam Zukowski Cook Library Library 2025
Kelly Elkins Chemistry FCSM 2025
Michelle Humphreys Music COFAC 2025


The responsibilities of the Retrenchment Appeals Committee include:

  1. To hear appeals from faculty members who have received notification of termination of employment based on the University's retrenchment procedures. 
  2. To arrive at a judgment on the merit of the appeal and make a recommendation to the President of the University.