Faculty Salary Review Committee


The Faculty Salary Review Committee shall be composed of one faculty representative from each college (including the Library), elected by college to a three year term; an atlarge representative elected by and from the Lecturers and an at-large representative elected by and from the Clinical Faculty, both serving three year terms; one faculty member with statistical expertise, appointed to a three year term upon recommendation of the Faculty Association/TU-AAUP president and Academic Senate chair; the Vice President for Inclusion and Institutional Equity (or a representative of that office designated by the Vice President), ex officio and non-voting; the Associate Provost for Administration and Finance, ex officio and nonvoting; and one representative from the Provost’s and Deans’ Council, ex officio and non-voting.

Name Department College Term Expires
Lisa Sweeney Library Library 2023
Jim Otto, chair Business Analytics and Technology Management CBE 2023
Hana Bor Family Studies & Community Development CLA 2022
Cynthia Cooper Communication Studies COFAC 2023
Min Deng, Stats Consultant   Mathematics FCSM 2023
Rian Landers-Ramos Kinesiology CHP 2022
 Jia-An Yan  Physics, Astronomy, and Geosciences FCSM 2023
Debi Gartland  Special Education COE 2022 
    Lecturer Representative 2022

Clinical Faculty Representative

Patricia Bradley, Interim VP Inclusion & Institutional Equity ex officio & non-voting N/A
Dave Vanko Deans' and Provost's Council Representative (ex officio, non-voting) FCSM 2022
Matthew Chambers Associate Provost for Administration and Finance (ex officio, non-voting)   N/A


The Faculty Salary Review Committee meets once a semester and more frequently if necessary.


  1. To monitor and review salaries of all faculty at the University, with regard to competitiveness with peer institutions; gender equity; relative equity across colleges and departments; and issues of compression.
  2. To advocate by a variety of means, including statistics and studies, for fair and equitable salary compensation for all faculty at the University.
  3. To assemble data and reports on faculty salaries following a three year cycle.
  4. To track problems related to faculty salary compression, inversion, retention/competitiveness, and any actions taken by the Provost to address such issues within a three year cycle.
  5. To make recommendations for implementing adjustments to faculty salaries within available funds.
  6. To make recommendations on minimum floor salaries to be used at each rank.
  7. To ensure that faculty salary information is being collected.
  8. To work collaboratively each year with the Provost’s Budget Office (PBO) to ascertain by means of faculty salary data the following information: current average salaries and ranges by rank, gender, years of service, and other relevant variables for each college and the library; comparison data of average salaries at all ranks for peer institutions; actions taken in the previous year to address faculty salary compression, inversion, retention/competitiveness.
  9. To provide RPAC with an annual report on faculty salaries at the University.
  10. To provide a report every three years on the status of faculty salaries to the Academic Senate.
  11. The committee is authorized to request that the Provost’s Budget Office conduct analyses of faculty salary issues for this report, using methods that replicate the Towson University Faculty Salary Task Force Final Report of November 2012 and/or using new methods that are generally accepted in the literature on salary equity issues.