Student Appeals Committee


The Student Appeals Committee shall be composed of six elected faculty members; one undergraduate student appointed by the SGA for a one year term; one graduate student appointed by the GSA for a one year term; the Director of Student Conduct and Civility Education, ex officio; one representative appointed by the Provost; and one representative appointed by the Vice President of Student Affairs. All members of the committee shall be voting members.

Voting Members

Name Department COllege Term Expiration
Elizabeth Austin,  Nursing CHP 2023
Jennifer Langdon Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice CLA 2024
Barry Margulies Biology FCSM 2024
Geoff Munro Psychology CLA 2024
Karla Kubitz, Chair Kinesiology CHP 2022
Adam Zukowski Cook Library Library 2022
Chad Leo SGA   2022
Grace Lienemann GSA    2022
Gail Gibbs International Student & Scholar Office  
Taylor Sevik Student Affairs    

 Ex-Officio & voting

Name DEpartment
Alison Peer Director, Office of Student Conduct & Civility Education


The Student Appeals Committee meets every Friday from 2:30-4pm.


According to the Academic Senate Constitution, the responsibilities of the Student Appeals Committee include:

  1. To consider grievances using procedures consistent with the Towson University Code of Student Conduct.
  2. To render a decision on the basis of evidence presented.
  3. To report the decision to the President of the University and to all parties to the grievance with notification of right of appeal (when appropriate).
  4. To determine to which University officer or committee an alleged grievance should be referred for action. (Motion 98/99.21)
  5. To provide an annual report to the Academic Senate.