Faculty Hearing Committee


The Faculty Hearing Committee consists of 15 tenured faculty who are elected, but who are not serving on the AAUP/Faculty Association Grievance & Mediation Committee.

Name Department College Term Expires
Marion Hughes Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice CLA 2019
Karen A. Fallon Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology CLA 2019
Diane Smith-Sadak Theatre Arts COFAC 2019
Tatyana Sorokina Mathematics FCSM 2019
Leonid Stern Mathematics FCSM 2019
Elizabeth Austin Nursing CHP 2020
Erin Fehskens English CLA 2020
Diane Harnek Hall Family Studies and Community Development CLA 2020
Charles Martin Accounting CBE 2020
Deitra Wengert Health Sciences CHP 2020
Alex Storrs Astronomy and Geosciences FCSM 2021
Barbara Laster Elementary Education COE 2021
Margherita Pampinella Foreign Languages CLA 2021
Justin Buckingham Psychology CLA 2021
Daniel Mydlack

Electronic Media & Film

COFAC 2021


The Faculty Hearing Committee meets once at the beginning of the academic year to elect a chair and then as needed throughout the year.  


According to the University Senate Constitution, the responsibilities of the Faculty Hearing Committee include:

  1. To insure academic due process and academic freedom at Towson University. 
  2. To perform the duties assigned to it by Section I-A-7 of "Towson University Policy Statement on Appointment, Rank, and Tenure of Faculty."