University Assessment Council


The University Assessment Council (UAC) shall be composed of two elected at large faculty members, one faculty member for each college or school with academic departments appointed by the Chairperson of the Academic Senate in consultation with the President and the Provost of the University, a representative of the Honor’s College, a representative of the Office of Graduate Studies, a representative from the library, one full-time undergraduate student appointed by the President of the Student Government Association, one full-time graduate student appointed by the Dean of Graduate Studies, the Chair of the Subcommittee on Student Learning Assessment, the Chair of the Student Affairs Assessment Committee, Chair of the Subcommittee on Institutional Effectiveness; a representative from the Council of Chairs, a representative from the Council of Deans, a representative from the Division of Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research, a representative from the Division of Administration and Finance, a representative of the Division of Marketing and Communications, a representative from the Division of University Advancement, a representative from the Department of Athletics, a representative from the Resource Planning and Advisory Committee, the individual appointed in the Office of the Provost serving as the Middle States Liaison Officer, and the Director of Academic Assessment.

Overview and Responsibilities

The purpose of the University Assessment Council shall be to provide guidance, structure, and support for the assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness throughout the institution. Assessment is the ongoing process of establishing clear, measurable expected outcomes; systematically gathering, analyzing, and interpreting evidence to determine how well perform­ance matches those expectations; and using the resulting information to understand and improve student learning as well as measure the effectiveness of Towson University in meeting student learning and institutional outcomes. Student learning includes the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and personal development attained through curricular, co-curricular, and out-of-class learning experiences.

  1. To serve as a consultant and advisory body to the University community on matters pertaining to the University assessment program, working closely with the Office of Assessment.
  2. To make recommendations to the University community regarding the implementation of the University assessment program, including participating in/providing feedback on Middle States Accreditation activities as needed.
  3. To make recommendations to the Academic Senate regarding policies pertaining to the University assessment program.
  4. To conduct studies pertaining to assessment as initiated by the Council or requested by the Academic Senate or the University community and to submit recommendations resulting from these studies.
  5. To assist the University community in long-range planning for the improvement and enhancement of the University.
  6. To receive requests for access to assessment information and to decide upon the disposition of such requests.
  7. To assume responsibility for the further development of the University assessment program and for the data it generates to support the subsequent institutionalization of assessment. To provide guidance and technical support on issues related to assessment.
  8. To provide an annual report to the Academic Senate.
Name Department College Term Expiration
Erin Fehskens English At-Large 2020
Sara Hooks Early Childhood Education COE 2020
Aaron Ziegel Music COFAC 2021
Douglas Sanford Management CBE 2022
Kathleen Ogle Nursing CHP 2022
Angel Kumchev Mathematics FCSM 2022
Kimberly Miller Cook Library Library 2022

Subcommittee Representatives

Name Department
TBD Chair, Subcommittee on Institutional Effectiveness (SIE)
TBD Chair, Subcommittee on Student Affairs Assessment (SSAA) 
Susan Flaherty, Chair Chair, Subcommittee on Student Learning Assessment (SSLA)


Name representative/ Department
LaVern Chapman Inclusion & Institutional Equity
Elizabeth Carbone Division of University Advancement
Karen Eskow Office of Graduate Studies
Abram Fox Honors College
Claire Holmes Council of Chairs
William Huff Athletics
Gary Levy Provost's & Deans' Council / Middle States Liaison Officer
Louise Miller Division Marketing & Communications
Leticia Romo Office of the Provost / Academic Assessment
Mary Ranadive Library
Ardys Russakis Division of Strategic Partnerships & Applied Research
Carol Wettersten Division of Administration & Finance
Sarah Pressley GSA


The University Assessment Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 2:30pm.

UAC Subcommittees 

Appointments to subcommittees are for a three-year term or less, as determined by the Chairperson of the UAC.

Institutional Effectiveness Subcommittee (SIE)

The membership shall be determined by the Vice Presidents of the University divisions including the Office of the President, Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance, Advancement, Athletics, Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research, Marketing and Communications, and Student Affairs – and shall include a representative from the SGA, a representative of TUSS, a member of the faculty elected by the AAUP, the individual serving as the Middle States Liaison Officer, and the Director of Academic Assessment. The chair is the representative of the Office of the President.

Division/Unit Representative
Academic Affairs Westley Forsythe
Administration & Finance Carol Wettersten
Advancement Elizabeth Carbone
Athletics Tricia Brandenburg
General Counsel Sara Slaff
Stratgic Partnerships and Applied Research Ardys Russakis
Marketing & Communication Natalie Dabrowski
Middle States Liaison Officer & Committee Chair Gary Levy
Office of Assessment Leticia Romo
Student Affairs Jayson Schablik
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Anthony Skevakis
Academic Senate TBD
Towson University Staff Senate (TUSS) Kelly Ward

Student Learning Assessment Subcommittee (SSLA)

The subcommittee on Student Learning Assessment (SSLA) shall consist of two representatives (referred to as Assessment Leaders) from each college; a single representative for the Library, a single representative for Graduate Studies, and a single representative for the Honors College.  Representatives shall be selected by the respective colleges based on their assessment expertise and/or experience.  The Director of Academic Assessment and a representative of the University CORE Committee or their designee will as serve as ex-officio members of the subcommittee.

Name Department
 Susan Flaherty, Chair CBE
Kathleen Eglseder  CHP
Elizabeth Crusse  CHP
Emily Bailey  CLA
George McCool  CLA
Kimberly McCormick  COE
Marlana Portolano  COE
Jason Rigby Music, COFAC
 Melanie Formentin COFAC
Subrata Acharya  FCSM
Michael Krach  FCSM
Karen Eskow Graduate Studies
Alison McCartney Honors College
Leticia Romo Academic Assessment
 Michaël Dewally (Ex-officio) University Curriculum / CCRC / Designee

Subcommittee on Student Affairs Assessment (SSAA)

The subcommittee on Student Affairs Assessment (SSAA) shall be chaired by a representative appointed by the Vice President of Student Affairs and shall consist of representatives appointed in consultation with the Student Affairs Vice President’s Council.

Anthony Skevakis, Chair Student Affairs
Jayson Schablik, Co-Chair Housing & Resident Life
Katie White, Co-Chair Campus Recreation Services
Stephanie Easterday Civic Engagement & Social Responsibility
Mollie Herman Counseling Center
Allison Seeley Health Center
Alison Peer Student Conduct & Civility Education
Emily Tipton Career Center
Taylor Sevik Fraternity & Sorority Life
Elizabeth Purswani Student Activities
Keiwana Perryman Student Activities
Kathryn Knaus New Student & Family Programs
India Leach Student Success Programs
Dena Allen-Few Military & Veterans Center
Carol Ridge Event & Conference Services
Jacquelyn Patton Graduate Assisant for Assessment, Student Affairs