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Towson University in Northeastern Maryland offers transfer students the flexibility to pursue a four-year degree after they complete an associate’s degree at a community college. Located on the grounds of Harford Community College, the building offers state-of-the-art classrooms, labs and educational resources.


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We’ve developed a unique approach to earning your degree AND saving money, all while staying close to home. Through innovative partnerships with Maryland Community Colleges, transfer students in northeastern Maryland are offered the flexibility to pursue a bachelor’s degree after completing an associate’s degree.

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TUNE Offers TU's Sociology-Anthropology degree with the Criminal Justice Concentration

Are you looking for a way to explore the realities of criminal justice, crime, and crime prevention worldwide?  How about discovering how the criminal justice system operates and its impact on offenders, victims, and society? Well, Towson University offers the opportunity to gain that knowledge along with the critical thinking and methodological skills for analyzing crime data and addressing problems related to crime and control at its Northeastern Maryland (TUNE) facility on the campus of Harford Community College.

While the degree focuses on Criminal Justice, students are also being exposed to the breadth and richness of the sociology and anthropology disciplines. Internships are not required for the program, although there are opportunities currently available for students seeking to expand their knowledge and experience base to better narrow down their vast career interests. This degree prepares graduates for the many jobs available in the criminal justice workplace, but also prepares students for graduate level programs should that be the path they choose.

To learn more about the major, please visit the College of Liberal Arts Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice page.

Further information about the coursework and transfer requirements can be found in the Program Packet (PDF) between Harford Community and Cecil Colleges and Towson University.


Contact Dr. Jennifer Langdon at jlangdon@towson.edu.


Faculty Testimonial
Mark T. Jacobson

Mark T. Jacobson

Lecturer, College of Science & Mathematics

"Students and faculty could get spoiled here! ... [TUNE is] a very positive learning environment. The Administration and staff are always there for the students."