Note-Taking Assistance

Accessibility and Disability Services strives to provide students with the tools they need to be independent learners at the college level. We offer access to assistive technology, access to powerpoints, and on-demand training that can support students' request for notetaking services.  Students with a disability-related need for notetaking assistance will discuss their options with their ADS specialist.  

Glean Notetaking Software 

Glean is a notetaking and audio-recording software that allows students to capture lecture material, organize content, identify important points, and study efficiently. Glean is a cloud-based program with both desktop and app versions which can help you develop strong note taking skills. Check out this demo video to review the features!  

New in 2023- Glean will also allow you to view a transcript of the lecture recording!

Access to Powerpoints

Access to PowerPoints is a great option for students who struggle to copy material down from slides during lectures. By allowing access to slides, students can focus on what professors are saying and participate more actively in class.

Peer Notetaking Services

For lecture-based classes, ADS will provide a notetaker for students who, due to a disability, cannot use the other notetaking supports outlined above. Note takers are typically another student enrolled in the course who will take notes and provide copies via the Notetaker Network in Accommodate within 24hrs of the course.  This accommodation is not considered a substitute for a student’s class attendance or participation. If notes are available online or from the instructor, note-taking assistance may not be indicated.