Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

Accommodations and services are provided to deaf and hard of hearing students registered with ADS that include sign language interpreting, transcription services, captioning and assistive listening devices. All of these services are arranged by ADS.


To register for accommodations and services with ADS, visit Getting Started with ADS and follow the procedures. 

Please contact Amy Pryor for assistance at or by phone at 410-704-3335.

Available Services

Sign Language Interpreting

Professional sign language interpreters are contracted by ADS to interpret class instruction for the student either as an on-site or video remote service. Sign language interpreters may be provided for classroom lectures, fieldwork, meetings with professors and activities directly related to the student’s academic program. 


Professional transcribers provide live translation of the spoken word into text by using a stenotype machine and computer with real-time software. Transcribers are contracted by ADS to provide a live transcript of all class instruction for the student as a video remote service. This service can be provided for classroom lectures, fieldwork, meetings with professors and activities directly related to the student’s academic program.

Captioning of Media

Captioning is the text display of audio portions of videos. At the beginning of the semester, the student should review the syllabus in each of their courses to determine if any videos will be shown during class or required for an assignment. If the video is not captioned, the student should contact their ADS specialist as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made to provide professional captioning. 

Assistive Listening Device

The most common Assistive Listening Device (ALD) is a frequency modulated system, often referred to as an FM system. The professor wears a small microphone close to the mouth that sends their voice to the receiver worn by the student. A student who is approved for an FM system as an accommodation can provide their own equipment to their professors, or a student can arrange for an FM system to be loaned on a semester-to-semester basis by contacting their ADS specialist. 

Procedures for Requesting and Using a Service Provider

Request for services:

  • Complete the supplemental request form in Accommodate. 
  • The information needed
    • Type of service being requested
    • Date, start time and end time of the event
    • Type of event (semester long course, meeting, program)
    • Description of event including the purpose/topic and other participants 
    • Location of event including the building and room number
    • Any supporting documentation of the event (such as a program flyer) which can be uploaded with the request 


  • Submit requests for recurring events or semester long courses at least 4 weeks in advance.
  • Submit requests for one-time events at least 5 days in advance.  
  • ADS schedules all interpreting and transcription services on behalf of students registered with the office. Interpreters or transcribers will not be paid for services that have not been scheduled by ADS.
  • Students must notify the ADS office as soon as possible if there are any changes to their class schedule or decide to withdraw from a class. 


  • Notify ADS at least 48 hours (72 hours is preferred) in advance whenever possible. If advanced notice is not possible, the student is still expected to notify ADS of any missed classes as soon as they are able.  This procedure is in place because this is what the interpreting agencies require of us.  If interpreters know ahead of time that they will not be needed for a previously scheduled assignment, they are able to accept another assignment and provide service to someone else. 


  • If a student has not arrived within twenty (20) minutes after a class session or event is scheduled to begin, the interpreter has been instructed to leave and the student will be considered absent.

If students do not make their requests according to the procedures listed above, they may not have the opportunity to be accommodated.  Please email Amy Pryor if there are extenuating circumstances.