Alternate Formats for Printed Materials

Getting Started

All students who request to have print materials converted to an alternative format must first have this accommodation approved by their ADS specialist.

You can ask the ADS office to convert any material that is required or recommended by your instructor for a course. This includes but is not limited to: textbooks, syllabi, tests, quizzes, course handouts, books needed for research, documents posted to Blackboard and materials required for internships.

How to Submit a Request

  1. Login to Accommodate and complete an Alternative Text Format Request. You are responsible for submitting your requests in a timely manner, preferably 4 to 6 weeks before the start of the course. We try to have all materials converted within 10 business days. However, some alternative format requests must be fulfilled off campus and may require several weeks to process. Therefore, the earlier you submit your requests the better. Need step-by-step instructions? Visit the Accommodate folder in our Blackboard Community.
  2. You must purchase the books/materials you are requesting and upload proof of purchase/receipt into Accommodate. If you have checked out a book from the TU library, please upload a copy of the confirmation.

Please note: If ADS cannot obtain an electronic version of your book, we will send you an email requesting that you bring in the hard copy. Please bring your hard copy directly to the ADS office; do not have your books shipped to ADS. We will chop off the spine and scan it to create an electronic file. We will return the hard copy to you rebound with plastic spiral binding. (NOTE: If you purchase or rent your books through the TU Bookstore, you will not be penalized upon reselling the purchased book or returning the rented book if it has been chopped and scanned by ADS.) If you rent your books from a source other than TU we cannot chop and scan them, so you will need to work with the Assistive Technology Coordinator to find a solution.

Software for Alternative Text

Most alternative formats require accompanying software. ADS will provide you with access to this software as a part of your accommodation while you attend TU. Our most commonly used text to speech software is Kurzweil.

If You Use Kurzweil

  1. You will meet with the Assistive Technology Coordinator to create your Kurzweil account and be given information on how to use Kurzweil reading software.
  2. Kurzweil will email you your Kurzweil user-name and password. You will use these to log into Kurzweil.
  3. You can use the online version of Kurzweil by going to the website. You can also download Kurzweil to your Mac or PC. This is a large program, so before you start downloading make sure that your computer has the space available and you have enough time to complete the process.
  4. Once your books have been converted, they will be uploaded to your private folder in Kurzweil. You can open the files online via Kurzweil or through your computer with Kurzweil » open from library » your name » private folder.
  5. If you have any questions, please contact the ADS Assistive Technology Coordinator at

Additionally, computers with this software are available at various locations on campus, including the ADS Testing Center and Cook Library.