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Coronavirus Update: Testing Accommodations

There is no testing available at the Testing Services Center at this time. If you have questions about testing accommodations, email .

Patrick Chachulski, the ADS Testing Coordinator, can be contacted with a unique test challenge or circumstance at .

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The Testing Services Center, located in the Administration Building, Room 228, provides testing accommodations for students registered with Accessibility & Disability Services. The center offers extended time, reduced distraction testing spaces, computers and other assistive technology, as well as readers and scribes, as appropriate. All tests are proctored to ensure academic honesty.

It is the Testing Services Center policy that students take exams at the scheduled time of the course unless the instructor approves an alternate time.

Test Accommodation Process

Student Responsibilities

To request test accommodations, students must first give their instructors their ADS memo authorizing testing accommodations. This should be done as early as possible each term.

Students should complete the Online Test Accommodation Request Form at least five (5) business days in advance of the test date.  Your instructor and the Testing Center will be alerted automatically when the form is submitted.  If you are unable to meet the 5 business day deadline for a test, please email  as soon as possible.  If students do not make their request for test accommodations according to the procedures and in a timely manner they may not have the opportunity to be accommodated.

On Test Day

Students must arrive on time and be prepared to show their student ID.  Students should bring all needed testing materials with them, including a Scantron, blue book, and any other approved test aids (e.g., calculator, textbook, notes).  If a student arrives later than 15 minutes after the testing appointment time, the professor will be contacted before administering the exam. Study time is not allowed past the scheduled appointment time.

Faculty Responsibilities

Before accepting any test accommodation request, each term instructors should have in their possession the ADS memo authorizing test accommodations for the student.

At least five (5) business days before the test date, the instructor should expect the student to make the request.  ADS informs students that they must make their request for test accommodations in a timely manner or they may not have the opportunity to be accommodated.

Instructors should check their e-mail daily from . Upon receipt of the e-mail, the instructor should review the request, approve it (if appropriate) and submit the form electronically. A message will be sent automatically to the student and the Testing Center to schedule the test.

Instructors should send tests to the Testing Center at least 1 business day in advance of test date,  During finals, we ask that instructors send tests 3 business days in advance of the test date due to the high volume of tests. 

Tests can be submitted by fax (410-704-4699), e-mail () or delivered to the Testing Center (Administration Building, Room 228).  

Completed tests are returned by Testing Center courier to the designated department in a sealed envelope (or, if instructors prefer, they can indicate on the form that they will pick up the test). Delivery will be confirmed by the signature of a department representative who ensures the instructor will receive it. 

The Testing Services Center is committed to providing a secure testing environment. All tests are proctored. Tests are secured in a locked office. All students are required to adhere to the Towson University Student Academic Integrity Policy.

Contact Information

Testing Services Center


Administration Building

Room 228 (across from the ADS office)


Fall & Spring:

Mon-Thurs 8:00 - 5:30

Fri 8:00-1:30


Winter Minimester & Summer:

Mon-Thurs 8:00-3:30

Fri 8:00-1:30