State Aid

The Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) offers a variety of scholarships and need-based grants to eligible Maryland residents.  They process the applications and select the recipients for all of their awards.  Then they send us recipient lists and ask us to help disburse those awards after verifying that students meet all of their eligibility requirements.  Many, but not all of these programs require students to submit a FAFSA by March 1 every year.  Many of their programs also require additional MHEC applications, and many of those applications steps must be completed in their MDCAPS system.  

Below, we've listed the MHEC Aid programs for TU students.  To review all MHEC Aid programs, (including programs that are not available at TU), see MHEC's full list

Estimated MHEC Aid

We start sending aid offers to next fall's admitted students in February/March, and freshman admits must choose which colleges they will attend by the national May 1 decision deadline.  Unfortunately, MHEC usually doesn't start sending their need-based grant offers to students until the last few days of April.

For Maryland residents who submitted their FAFSA by March 1 and have FAFSA Expected Family Contributions (EFC) of $0, we add messages to their TU award notification about expected MHEC grants.  Most of these students will at least qualify for a $2,800 to $3,000 need-based MHEC Educational Assistance (EA) Grant.  Instead, some students with lower incomes may qualify for larger MHEC Guaranteed Access (GA) Grant​s​

If you receive a MHEC grant, those grants could cause reductions to your other aid.  Please carefully review our Award Changes and Reductions rules to estimate your aid changes.  For most EA Grant recipients, we only reduce loan eligiblity, but for some  EA recipients we must reduce TU grants or scholarships.  GA grants amounts vary based on your housing status (on-campus, off-campus not with parents, or living with parents.  If you receive a GA Grant, we will cancel TU's SEOG and "Institutional Grants" unless you will live "off-campus not with parents."  

MHEC Need-Based Grants 

MHEC Legislative Scholarships 

​MHEC Occupation-Based Awards 

MHEC Unique Populations 

MHEC Loan Assistance Repayment Programs 

MHEC Appeals 

The MHEC Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) has an appeal process which allows students who meet certain requirements to appeal for (re)consideration of their State awards.​ For more information, see MHEC Aid Appeal Process​.

Other State/District Programs


MHEC Programs Not Available at TU

The following MHEC programs are not available to current TU students.