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(Contact information for the TU Financial Aid Office and other aid related agencies)

TU Financial Aid Office

Our staff is available to assist you by live chat, our chat-to-phone service, and email.

Contact us

  • For the fastest response, please use our live chat service.  Choose the black Chat with Financial Aid box on the bottom right of this screen Monday - Thursday 8:30 - 5:00 and Friday 8:30 - 4:30.  (After hours, the chat box redirects to this web page.)
  • Chat-to-phone service:   To speak with us by phone (during our business hours), please choose the same Chat with Financial Aid box below, ask us to call you, and give us your phone number.
  • You can also use our Aid Questions Form or email , and we will reply in one to two business days.  Please include the student's full name and TU ID number.

Submit Documents

  • To submit aid documentation or printed forms, please use our Financial Aid Document Submission Form or fax them to 410-704-2584.
  • When possible, please combine multi-page documents into a single file.
  • For your protection, don't email documents that contain social security numbers.
  • Visit Forms & Online Services to access our forms, online services, and mobile apps.

TU FAO Scholarship Unit

For questions about specific scholarships, please contact the Financial Aid Office, Scholarship Unit at .

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