Your Award Guide

This online guide explains everything you need to know after you receive your aid offers including how to review and accept your aid offers, and the requirements you must meet to remain eligible to receive your awards.

Students are required to read all pages of this guide every year because procedures and regulations often change. (Optional pages are indicated below.)

Table of Contents

1. How Awards Are Determined (Learn how we determined which awards you received.)

2. Special Financial Conditions (Learn when you should request a reevaluation of your financial need.)

3.Your Award Notification (When and how to expect your aid notification and how to review your awards)

3a.The Shopping Sheet (This is an optional federal tool for comparing your net costs after aid.)

4. Accepting Aid  (Learn how to accept your aid offers.)


4b. Undergraduate Instructions

4c. Graduate Student Instructions

5. Award Requirements   (Learn about all your award requirements including the longer topics listed below.)

5a. Minimum Credits (Learn how many credits you need to receive each aid program.)

5b. Drops & Withdrawals (Learn how changes in enrollment can change your awards.)

5c. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy (All aid recipients must meet these requirements to remain eligible to receive aid for future terms.)

5d. Award Changes Reductions (Learn how and when your aid may be adjusted and how to prevent and prepare for changes.)


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