Study Abroad Aid

Study Abroad Aid Requirements

Review the eligibility requirements for your current financial aid awards to determine if they have any study abroad restrictions. 

The TU Study Abroad Office offers four types of programs:

  • TU Exchanges
  • TU Faculty-led Programs
  • TU Programs ("TU in ...")
  • Approved Non-TU Programs.

Most federally and TU funded aid programs and most private scholarships can be used to pay for all four types of study abroad programs.  State funded aid programs and some TU aid programs have additional restrictions, and many aid programs are only available during fall and spring semesters. 

  • Tuition Waivers\Remission can only be applied to TU Exchanges, and cannot be applied toward TU Faculty-led Programs, TU Programs, or Approved Non-TU Programs.  These restrictions apply to all tuition waiver/remission programs including waivers for University System of Maryland employees and their dependents and waivers for Foster Care, Unaccompanied Homeless Youth, and Maryland National Guard students.
  • If you are receiving grants or scholarships from the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC), those awards can only be used for fall or spring enrollment in study abroad programs or exchanges for which TU or another school within Maryland bills you directly for your tuition or program fee.  Eligible programs include TU Exchanges, TU faculty-led programs, TU Programs ("TU in ..."), and programs offered by other colleges within Maryland that meet the restrictions above.  Study abroad programs are NOT eligible for MHEC aid if the costs are billed by providers, overseas institutions, or out-of-state institutions.  MHEC’s aid programs include Conroy, Delegate, Senatorial, 2+2 Transfer, and V.A.I.C Scholarships; and Educational Assistance, Guaranteed Access and Workforce Shortage Student Assistance Grants. 
  • TU study abroad policy requires students who study abroad for a semester or year to maintain full-time enrollment (at least 12 units per fall or spring).  In addition, many grants and scholarships require full-time enrollment.
  • For minimester programs, please carefully review the minimester aid rules.  Some aid programs can’t be used for minimester units, and others can.
  • To borrow federal loans, undergraduate students must enroll for at least 6 credits per term (can be combination of credits earned at home and abroad). 
  • Pre-existing grants/scholarships cannot be increased based on study abroad costs.

Applying for Study Abroad Aid

  • Apply for Study Abroad Scholarships.
  • To apply for federal loans and need-grants, if you haven’t already done so, you must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • For summer loans and grants, you must also complete a Summer Aid Application.  The Financial Aid Office will not be able to officially offer you any summer aid until after you have officially registered for your summer study abroad classes.  To request an estimate of your summer aid eligibility, email or call 410-704-4236 to schedule an appointment with your Financial Aid Advisor.

Study Abroad Aid Procedures

If you plan to use any financial aid (including loans) during your study abroad term, please carefully follow these procedures.

  1. Compare your expected study abroad costs to your current financial aid offers to determine if you will need additional loan funds or personal funds to cover your study abroad costs. 
  2. If you will receive any financial aid during your study abroad term, once you have made a final decision to study abroad, you should request a Study Abroad Aid Budget and should submit it to the TU Financial Aid Office(This budget will list your estimated program costs including tuition, airfare, personal expenses, and any additional fees.)
  3. After you receive your Study Abroad Budget, email it to or call 410-704-4236 to schedule an appointment with your Financial Aid Advisor to review your aid options.
  4. After your aid is disbursed to your TU Bursar's Office account, if your aid exceeds your charges, the Bursar's Office will send you an aid rebate (no earlier than 10 days before the first day of classes each term at TU).
  5. Make sure that you enroll for direct deposit of your rebate through the Bursar's Office Disbursement Online Center (DOC)!
  6. Even while you are abroad, you must regularly check your TU email to receive important aid information. 
  7. If you have any aid questions, please email or call 410-704-4236 to schedule an appointment with your Financial Aid Advisor.

Submitting a Study Abroad Budget

Submitting an aid budget can help in two ways:

  1. If we increase your standard aid budget based on your study abroad costs, we may be able to increase the total amount of loans that you are eligible to borrow for that term.
  2. If you receive additional aid and your new combined aid exceeds your standard financial need or budget limits, we might be forced to reduce your aid offers to correct the over-award, but if you submit a study abroad budget, we can increase your budget based on your additional study abroad costs.

To request your Study Abroad Budget, email your Study Abroad Advisor.


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