To be considered for all available aid programs, you must submit all aid applications by their respective deadlines. 

Scholarship Deadlines

  • To apply for TU Admission Scholarships, apply for fall admission and submit a complete Admission Application including all transcripts and test results by December 1.
  • To apply for other scholarships, follow the deadlines for each scholarship application.  Deadlines vary widely, and are typically between September and May.
  • If you were previously awarded a renewable scholarship, it may automatically renew or require a reapplication.  Read your scholarship's renewal requirements.

FAFSA Deadlines

  • You must submit a new FAFSA every year.
  • Submit your FAFSA by the deadlines in our FAFSA Instructions.
  • After we receive your FAFSA, if we request additional documentation, please submit it within 2 weeks of our first request.  Submitting aid documentation late can lead to late aid disbursements, late payment fees from the Bursars Office, and lost need-based grant offers because funds are limited.


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