Financial Aid

Contacting the Financial Aid Office

Our staff is available to assist you by live chat, our chat to phone service and email.  Please use these contact options.

student and advisor consult

The information on this website will answer most questions. Because the aid process can be complicated, please carefully follow all instructions and deadlines. 

Remember to check your TU email account for important aid notices.

We look forward to helping you to reach your educational goals.

Aid Programs

Learn about the many types of aid programs that we offer including scholarships, need-based grants, TEACH Grantsloans, and student employment options.

Applying for Aid

Skip to this section for instructions on how to apply for all available aid programs including deadlines and the FAFSA and scholarship application processes. For prospective new undergraduate students, our Aid Calendar summarizes the monthly admission and aid steps.

Your Award Guide

After we offer you aid, Your Award Guide explains everything you need to know about reviewing and accepting aid offers, borrowing loans, and maintaining your eligibility.  Learn about minimum required credits per semester, how drops and withdrawals can affect your aid, and the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy requirements.

Aid Disbursements and Rebates

Once you complete all steps, your aid will disburse onto your TU student account. Learn how aid disbursements and rebates are applied toward your bill, how to pay your remaining balance or receive aid rebates, and how changing your enrollment level can impact your bill and your rebates.

Loan Counseling and Promissory Notes

New loan borrowers must complete additional loan steps to receive their first loans. In addition, once you graduate, withdrawal, or enroll below half-time, you must complete Exit Counseling.

Forms and Online Services

Visit Forms & Online Services to access our forms, online services, and mobile apps.

COVID-19 Aid Updates

For refund questions, please see these fall FAQs.

Emergency/CARES Grants

If you have experienced financial challenges because of the coronavirus pandemic or other financial emergencies, you may be eligible to apply for an emergency grant.  For more information, see CARES Grants.

Reduced Income

If you or your parents have experienced significant income reductions, please review our Special Conditions financial need revaluation process.

Other Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Contacts & Resources

If you have any questions, review our Contacts & Resources for the TU Financial Aid Office and other aid related agencies.


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