Aid Task Deadlines

To avoid penalties, please complete all of the steps for accepting aid by the deadlines listed below.

Accept Aid by These deadlineS

  • Newly admitted students — you must accept your aid offers by May 15.
  • Continuing TU students — you must accept your aid offers within two weeks of your notification date. 

Aid Tasks 

Because we cannot extend these deadlines for late aid applicants, if you begin the aid application process late, you may face one or more of the deadline penalties outlined below.

Deadline Penalties

  • If you do not accept your aid offers or complete your aid tasks by the deadlines listed above, your aid offers may be canceled. 
  • If you fail to meet all other aid deadlines, we may not be able to authorize your aid payments by your eBill due date. 
  • If your eBill is not paid in full by its due date, the Bursar’s Office will charge a $150 late payment fee. See Payments & Billing for more information about eBill due dates and payment options.
  • Failure to meet aid deadlines can also delay financial aid rebates.


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