Accepting Aid

Accepting Your Aid Offers

After you receive Your Award Notification, follow these instructions to complete your remaining financial aid application requirements and to accept your aid offers. We cannot disburse any aid until all steps are completed. 

Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) Aid Offers

  • If you are a Maryland resident, the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) may also offer you aid. 
  • If they offer you aid, they will notify you, and you must accept it in their MDCAPS system.
  • After you complete the MDCAPS process, MHEC will notify the TU Financial Aid Office, and after we confirm that you are meeting all of their eligibility requirements, we will add the award(s) to your online aid record. 

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Data Verification

Some aid applicants are selected for a federal FAFSA data verification process. If you are selected for this process:

  • Please look up your required documents on your online To-Do List.
  • Immediately request your supporting documentation from the IRS.
  • Promptly submit your TU verification worksheet and supporting documentation.
  • Act now to avoid deadline penalties because it can take more than eight weeks to request and receive documentation from the IRS.

Housing Status Updates and Verification

All FAFSA applicants were required to report one of the following housing statuses:

  • on-campus
  • off-campus not with parents
  • commuting from parent housing

We base all aid offers on the housing status that you reported on your FAFSA, but off-campus students may be asked to verify their housing status by submitting a Housing Verification Form or lease.

If your housing status changes, you must notify TU (and MHEC).

  • To notify TU, submit a TU "Housing Verification Form." Go to Online Forms.
  • If you have any MHEC aid, you must also update your status in their MDCAPS system.


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