Your Award Guide

This guide explains everything you need to know after you receive your aid offers including how to accept them and your award requirements.

For information about specific loan, grant, or scholarship programs including their requirements, please see Aid Programs.

Guide Contents

Please read this guide every year because procedures often change. 

How Awards Are Determined

If you have questions about how we calculated your award package or your eligibility for different aid programs, please see How Awards Are Determined.

Special Financial Conditions

If you have experienced any financial changes that you weren't able to report on your FAFSA form, learn how to use our Special Financial Conditions process to request a reevaluation of your financial need.

Your Award Notification

Learn when to expect Your Award Notification, and how to compare aid offers.

Accepting Aid

Please carefully follow these instructions for Accepting Aid and borrowing loans.

Award Requirements

To remain eligible to receive your aid offers, please carefully read the Award Requirements page and the subpages below.