Enrolled Freshman To-Do List

Congratulations on your decision to attend Towson University. The Freshman To-Do List below has been developed to assist you in making your transition to TU as smooth as possible.

All applicable tasks below must be complete by the deadline date or the start of classes. Students admitted to the Freshman Transition Program with TU and CCBC should refer to the Freshman Transition Program To-Do List. Questions? Contact the department directly or email New Student and Family Programs at

Download a printable version of the Fall 2020 Freshman To-Do-List.

new student faqs

General To-Do-List Questions

Is Orientation mandatory and what is its purpose?
Yes, orientation is mandatory. The purpose of orientation is to prepare you for your academic and social journey at TU. Students will be required to complete pre-orientation modules (sent in mid-June) and also attend their online orientation in July.

Do I have to fill out the Academic Interest Form (AIF) even if I do not know my intended major?
Yes, the AIF must be submitted to be enrolled in classes. It is the starting point for creating your schedule. A major is not necessary, but your ability to request certain general courses on the AIF will assist the advisor making your schedule.

When will I receive my schedule after submitting the AIF?
Students can view their schedule on their Student Center page through Towson Online Services. Please keep in mind that because each student schedule is individually made, it may take a few weeks between your AIF submission and a schedule appearing on your Student Center.

If I do not like my schedule, how do I change it?
Freshmen will be able to make schedule changes after meeting with their First-Year Experience Advisor prior to classes beginning on August 24. If there are educationally essential changes that need to be made (e.g. being enrolled in a class for which you are already receiving credit or a significant change in major), you may email . Please indicate the issue and an advisor will consider possible changes. There is a "change of schedule" period during the first week of classes.

Can I change my major after orientation?
Yes, students can change their major after orientation using the online change of major form.

When do I find out who my advisor is?
Freshmen are assigned to an advisor at the time their schedule is being made. The advisor is indicated on the schedule as class ORIE 305. Students will meet with their advisor during the "Welcome to Towson" program. Academic advisors will be assigned to transfer students within the first few weeks of the semester. The advisor assignment is visible on the Student Center page in Towson Online Services.

When will I found out my roommate/room assignment?
Roommates and building assignments will be released at 5 pm ET on Friday, July 31 (announcement sent to TU email account).

When is the first bill due?
The first semester bill is due Monday, August 31.

Online Orientation Questions

Is there still an orientation fee for students and family members? Will there be a refund for students who already registered and paid?
Yes, the orientation fee for students is $110 and will be applied to the student’s first semester bill. This fee covers the summer online orientation as well as Welcome to TU programming at the start of the semester. There is no fee for family members to attend online orientation. Family members who already paid the $25 fee for on-campus orientation will receive refunds.

When will I receive the link for the online module after registering for orientation?
Pre-orientation module links were sent in mid-June to TU email accounts. If you did not receive this email, please contact .

It’s less than 48 hours to my orientation date and I have not received the link to the live session, what do I do?
Please contact if you do not receive the link in your email.

Can the modules be completed on a mobile device?
Yes, the modules can be completed on a mobile device. Our preference is that you use a laptop or desktop for an easier navigation experience, but it can all be completed on a mobile device.

Can I still change my orientation date after completing the module?
If you need to change your orientation date, you can log back in to your account on our website: www.towson.edu/orientation. You can make changes up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled date.

How will I be able to meet new students?
All freshmen and transfer students will meet with current students (Orientation Leaders) during their online orientation in July. Freshmen will also be assigned a small group where you’ll have a chance to meet and connect with other incoming students.

Will I be able visit campus before the semester starts to learn where my classes are?
Students will have an opportunity to visit buildings on campus during Welcome to TU. Welcome to TU occurs before classes begin in coordination with move-in.


Required Tasks

Spring 2020 Deadline

Fall 2020 Deadline

1. Submit enrollment contract Date on letter May 1
2. Submit housing application   ASAP May 1
3. Activate & Check your NetID (email account)  ASAP ASAP
4. Apply, review award guide, & accept your financial aid  ASAP FAFSA due Jan. 15
5. Complete Math Placement Test When notified via email When notified via email
6. Complete Reading Placement Test (if notified) When/if notified via email  Waived due to COVID-19 
7. Complete Academic Interest Form Dec. 15  ASAP
8. Register for New Student Orientation and complete your online orientation modules (48 hours prior to your scheduled orientation date) Dec. 15 ASAP
9. Complete CliftonStrengths assessment Jan. 10  June 15
10. Complete immunization requirements Jan. 25   August 15
11. Complete Alcohol Prevention Program (you need your TU ID number)  Jan. 20 August 15
12. Complete the Prescription Addiction Opioids course (you will need your TU ID number)    August 15
13. Get your OneCard    ASAP
14. Complete Sexual Violence Prevention Program (you need your TUID number) Jan. 20  August 15
15. Register for Honors College Orientation (enrolled Honors students ONLY) Jan. 20 August 3
16. Have your final official high school transcript sent directly from your school to University Admissions.  ASAP  August 15
17. Send advanced/college equivalent credit to University Admissions directly from testing agency or college.  ASAP ASAP 
18. Learn about payments, e-rebates & refunds, and your 1098-T consent. eBills are due Feb. 4 eBills are due Aug. 31

Recommended Tasks

Downloads, Registrations, Policies and Resources


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