Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance Plan

The University offers a group health insurance plan through Aetna Student Health that may be purchased by students. It works as a point-of-service plan with the Health Center, and serves as the student's primary care provider (PCP) while at Towson. Details on the plan can be found at: Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan. Select Towson University from the drop down menu. 

To see if we accept your current insurance plan, consult this list of accepted plans

If you do not have insurance, the charge from your visit will be billed to your Student & University Billing Office account. 

Uploading your Insurance Card to the Tiger Health Portal

All students must upload their health insurance card to the Tiger Health Portal by August 15th for fall enrollment and January 25th for spring enrollment.

  1. Take a picture or scan the front and back of your insurance card. Make sure that both images can be read clearly.
  2. Sign in to the Tiger Health Portal using your Towson University NetID. You may need to confirm your birthday. 
  3. Select "Insurance Card" from the options on the left side of the screen.
  4. Click "add new card", then upload both images and click "save".

If your insurance information changes at any time, please re-upload new insurance card images as soon as possible; this will expedite the check-in process when you visit the Health Center.